Customer feedbacks
Iván García R. - 12.09.2016
Today I bought an Electric Guitar at Niederlenz (Lenzburg). I came a few minutes before to the closing time and the dealer stayed with me until 17.30h. He tested the guitar I wanted to buy with different amplifiers and advised me about which one was better. He was very close and kindly. Nice man. Congrats!!
Ali A. - 15.09.2015
I received the headphones today, it took me 5 second to make the decision to keep them, they are amazing. Once again you provide the best, even better than what I had in mind. Thanks!
Clare S. - 23.08.2016
I am very impressed by the prompt service you provided and will certainly use Musix again!
Maria P. - 22.07.2016
I have to compliment Alberto Cusenza. I had some issues with the payment and everything, and he was super patient and answered my emails pretty quick. I'll wait for my order, but until now I really like how your store have so many options of instruments (I'm from Brazil and for me it's even weird that some cities such as Interlaken doesn't have any store as Musix) Your e-commerce was super helpful as well as your team. Have a nice evening!
Yan S. - 13.07.2016
I love the new piano! The quality of the product and sound is just amazing. I was also very impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of your service - in true Swiss standard! By the way, I'll visit your shop in Bern on Thursday afternoon. My best wish to the prosperity of your business!
Antonio F. - 06.04.2013
I received the piano yesterday as expected and I'm absolutely happy about it. Thank you and your colleagues for sorting it out.
Nadiya H. - 30.07.2015
Thanks for the very nice service - we got the piano today. Amazing job! Best regards
Leonel B. - 08.01.2016
Excellent. Thank you very much for your support. Best regards, Leonel Bego
Eduardo H. - 16.02.2015
thanks for your attention to my order, your shop is the best, great service.
Manuel P. - 25.05.2016
Thanks for your reply and help on this matter, The seriousness of your follow -up and fast reply are a great sign of service :-) Congratulations. Continue this way. Yes there are always way to improve. And I am glad I could contribute to that . At least , you have won my sympathy again... :-) I am looking forward to receiving the Guitar
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      Dux Schule für Ukulele Kleinmaier Richard
      CHF 32.40
      Dux Gitarrenschule Vol 1 Schindler Klaus
      CHF 26.90
      Dux Acoustic Pop Guitar Vol 2 / Langer Michael
      • Einführung in die Welt des Fingerstyle
      • Weiterführend werden Melodieverzierungen, erweiterte Akkorde, Ghost Notes und andere Techniken vermittelt. Somit erfolgt spielerisch die Einführung in die Welt des Fingerstyle
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="green stock-text">1 piece <b>in stock</b></span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 1</span></p></span>
      CHF 44.00
      Dux Acoustic Pop Guitar Vol 1 / Langer Michael
      • Alle wichtigen Pickings & Strummings Schritt für Schritt
      • Michael Langer vermittelt auf mehr als 180 Seiten anhand von 18 bekannten Popsongs alle wichtigen Akkorde, Strummings und Pickings. Ohne Vorkenntnisse erschließt sich nach und nach die Welt der Popmusik.
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="green stock-text">1 piece <b>in stock</b></span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 1</span></p></span>
      CHF 42.30
      Dux Die Lagerfeuer-Gitarre / Gitarre lernen ohne Noten Gtr
      • Insgesamt 54 Lieder und Songs. Auf der beiliegenden CD sind alle Songs eingespielt.
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="green stock-text">1 piece <b>in stock</b></span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 1</span></p></span>
      CHF 37.90
      Dux Das Ding Vol 4 Kultliederbuch / Bernhard Bitzel / Andreas Lutz
      • über 400 bekannte Songs aus allen Musikrichtungen
      • Geschriebenen Akkorde direkt "vom Blatt" spielen.
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="green stock-text">1 piece <b>in stock</b></span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 1</span></p></span>
      CHF 38.00
      Dux Tom's Pop Piano Vol 2 Pno
      CHF 22.10
      Dux Popular Collection Christmas
      CHF 26.00
      Dux Popular Collection Vol 5
      CHF 26.00
      Dux Popular collection
      CHF 16.80
      Dux 70's Gold Rock & Pop Classic
      CHF 43.50
      Dux Popular Collection Flute
      CHF 20.00
      Dux Duett collection 1
      CHF 33.50
      Dux Modern Keyboard Vol 3 Loy Günter / Schule
      CHF 22.00
      Dux Xmas Songs Loy Günter / Modern Keyboard
      CHF 22.00
      Dux Tanz-Standards / Modern Keyboard
      CHF 18.50
      Dux Stimmungslieder
      CHF 18.50
      Dux Bossa & Swing Loy Günter / Modern Keyboard
      CHF 18.50
      Dux Walzer Melodien Loy Günter
      CHF 18.50
      Dux Disco-Medleys / Modern Keyboard Serie
      CHF 18.50
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      Tel: 061 813 11 77
      Due to the current construction to expand our customer and instrument testing area, our showroom-section in Giebenach will be closed until presumably the middle of December 2016. Pickups are however not affected by this temporary inconvenience.

      We therefore look forward to welcoming you during our normal opening hours, as advertised on our website.

      We kindly thank you for your understanding and hope to see you soon!

      Tu-Fr: 10h-12h + 13:30-17h
      Sa: 10h-16h

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      MusiX Bern
      MusiX AG
      Maulbeerstr. 8
      3011 Bern BE
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