Customer feedbacks
Nadiya H. - 30.07.2015
Thanks for the very nice service - we got the piano today. Amazing job! Best regards
Mark S. - 26.08.2016
We have all of the order delivered already !! That was fantastic service thank you so much. The boys (and myself) are very happy with both the guitars and are looking forward to their first lesson tomorrow.
Kevin A. - 21.12.2015
thanks for your help, speaker arrived Saturday morning as expected and worked great that evening. Payment already made electronically to reach your account tomorrow. Great service, thanks
Clare S. - 23.08.2016
I am very impressed by the prompt service you provided and will certainly use Musix again!
Kevin L. - 02.02.2011
Thanks - It was a pleasure to do business with you. I appreciate all the extra help on your part. I certainly will look at your sight for anything more I may need.
Ali A. - 10.04.2015
I can't thank you enough for your advices and follow up, and I'm recommending Musix to my friends here, I will also put a nice word in the piano forum I have been checking :)
Antonio F. - 06.04.2013
I received the piano yesterday as expected and I'm absolutely happy about it. Thank you and your colleagues for sorting it out.
Stephen F. - 20.11.2013
Many thanks for the incredible customer service -- the replacement part arrived and works perfectly. Musix rocks!
Grégoire B. - 26.05.2014
You guys are truly fast! Have a great week-end, gb
Daniel d. - 14.09.2015
Thank you for your help, and for letting me know that the originally ordered case was not the right option. That has certainly spared me the trouble of having to contact MusiX for a return and exchange.
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      JJ (Tesla)

      JJ (Tesla) ECC83/12AX7 S
      Product Rating (2)
      • Ausgewogener Sound, robuste Konstruktion.
      • Optimierte Neufassung der alten JJ ECC83.
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="green stock-text">2 pieces <b>in stock</b></span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 2</span></p></span>
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 30.00
      JJ (Tesla) ECC81/12AT7
      Product Rating (1)
      • Brumm- und mikrofoniearm
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="green stock-text">3 pieces <b>in stock</b></span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 3</span></p></span>
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 24.00
      JJ (Tesla) EL84/6BQ5
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 27.00
      JJ (Tesla) E34L MQ
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 138.00
      JJ (Tesla) 6V6S-MP
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 79.00
      JJ (Tesla) ECC82/12AU7
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 24.00
      JJ (Tesla) 6L6GC MP MP (Matched Pair)
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 91.00
      JJ (Tesla) EZ81/6CA4
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 25.00
      JJ (Tesla) 6V6S
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 40.00
      JJ (Tesla) 6L6GC-MQ
      Product Rating (1)
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 168.00
      JJ (Tesla) 6V6S MQ
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 84.00
      JJ (Tesla) KT66
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 86.00
      JJ (Tesla) 6L6GC
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 44.00
      JJ (Tesla) E34L
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 37.00
      JJ (Tesla) ECC99
      • Driver for 300B
      <h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="red">Will be ordered for you as quick as possible.</span></p>
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 38.00
      JJ (Tesla) KT77
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 45.00
      JJ (Tesla) KT88
      JJ (Tesla)
      CHF 89.00
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