Customer feedbacks
Grégoire B. - 26.05.2014
You guys are truly fast! Have a great week-end, gb
David W. - 10.02.2014
Many thanks for the great service provided late on Saturday afternoon and for preparing all ordered goods. Saturday evening the kit was up and running, I'm impressed.
Clare S. - 23.08.2016
I am very impressed by the prompt service you provided and will certainly use Musix again!
Mark S. - 26.08.2016
We have all of the order delivered already !! That was fantastic service thank you so much. The boys (and myself) are very happy with both the guitars and are looking forward to their first lesson tomorrow.
Iván García R. - 12.09.2016
Today I bought an Electric Guitar at Niederlenz (Lenzburg). I came a few minutes before to the closing time and the dealer stayed with me until 17.30h. He tested the guitar I wanted to buy with different amplifiers and advised me about which one was better. He was very close and kindly. Nice man. Congrats!!
Manuel P. - 25.05.2016
Thanks for your reply and help on this matter, The seriousness of your follow -up and fast reply are a great sign of service :-) Congratulations. Continue this way. Yes there are always way to improve. And I am glad I could contribute to that . At least , you have won my sympathy again... :-) I am looking forward to receiving the Guitar
Stephen F. - 20.11.2013
Many thanks for the incredible customer service -- the replacement part arrived and works perfectly. Musix rocks!
Nadiya H. - 30.07.2015
Thanks for the very nice service - we got the piano today. Amazing job! Best regards
Yan S. - 13.07.2016
I love the new piano! The quality of the product and sound is just amazing. I was also very impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of your service - in true Swiss standard! By the way, I'll visit your shop in Bern on Thursday afternoon. My best wish to the prosperity of your business!
Maria P. - 22.07.2016
I have to compliment Alberto Cusenza. I had some issues with the payment and everything, and he was super patient and answered my emails pretty quick. I'll wait for my order, but until now I really like how your store have so many options of instruments (I'm from Brazil and for me it's even weird that some cities such as Interlaken doesn't have any store as Musix) Your e-commerce was super helpful as well as your team. Have a nice evening!
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Seit nunmehr 15 Jahren entwickelt und fertigt die KSdigital GmbH in Deutschland hochwertige Referenzmonitore für den professionellen Einsatz. Die Entwicklungen verfolgen dabei das Ziel, spezielle Lösungen für die verschiedensten Bedürfnisse zu bieten. So ist das Unternehmen Mitte der Neunziger mit dem weltweit ersten DSP-entzerrten phasenlinearen Studiomonitor ADM2 gestartet, der erstmals eine 'impulsoptimierte' Wiedergabe anstrebte. Es wird bei allen KSdigital Produkten versucht, durch den Einsatz verschiedenster Mittel die Impulswiedergabe zu optrimieren, nicht wie üblich nur den Frequenzgang zu glätten - Ein korrektes Impulsverhalten linearisert automatisch die Frequenz- sowie die Phasenwiedergabe. Dazu wurden und werden Innovationen im Bereich der Elektroakustik, der Schallausbreitung und nicht zuletzt im Bereich der digitalen Signalverarbeitung entwickelt, die dem Toningenieur ein möglichst neutrales Werkzeug zur Beurteilung seiner Arbeit bieten.
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