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      Jet City

      Jet City JCA22H
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      • 20 Watt 2-Kanal Vollröhrenhead by Soldano
      • We took the legendary JCA20H and added a second, footswitch-accessible overdrive channel, along with a tube-buffered, serial effects loop.
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      Jet City
      CHF 665.00
      CHF 449.00
      Jet City PicoValve
      • 5 Watt Vollröhrenhead by THD
      • Designed by Andy Marshall and licensed by THD Electronics, PicoValve is our compact, low-wattage tone machine.
      Jet City
      CHF 459.00
      CHF 399.00
      Jet City JCA20HV
      • Based upon our highly popular JCA20H, the 20HV version is also a simple, single-channel amp.
      • The all-tube signal path has been completely re-voiced. It's a bit cleaner, a bit darker, and the power section has been 'opened-up' more. In addition to the Presence control, we've also added a depth switch based upon Soldano's famous Depth control.
      Jet City
      CHF 600.00
      CHF 569.00
      Jet City JCA24SV
      • Our top of the line 2×12? cabinet has several features for the guitar tone aficionado.
      • Like all our cabinets, we use void-free, fine-ply, 15mm plywood.
      Jet City
      CHF 765.00
      CHF 699.00
      Jet City Stack JCA20HV / JCA24SV
      • All-Tube 20W Stack, 2x12 Celestion Vintage 30
      Jet City
      CHF 1385.00
      CHF 1099.00
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