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Behringer X18

  • Behringer X18
  • Behringer X18
  • Behringer X18
  • Behringer X18
  • Behringer X18
  • Behringer X18
Artikel Nr: 172069
Marke: Behringer
Serie: Behringer X air
Kategorie: Digital-Mixer
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CHF 431.00
UVP: CHF 579.00
Zum Beispiel:

Kompakter 18-Input 12-Bus-Mischpult mit iPad-User-Interface.

16 Midas-designete programmierbare Preamps. Integriertes WiFi-Modul. Integriertes USB Audio- Interface für direkte Aufnahmen auf das iPad etc. Integrierte FX und 100-Band RTA.


The X18 is a powerhouse 18 input/12 bus portable mixer for iPad, and other tablets, ideally suited for both live and studio applications, thanks to its 16 award-winning MIDAS-designed mic preamps, convenient integrated Wi-Fi module for wireless control and onboard, lightning-speed USB Audio Interface. The freedom to move around and manipulate all parameters of your mix with the free iOS and PC apps lets you dial in the perfect sound from anywhere in the venue - or the tracking room!

On the Move

The best part about tablet computing is the incredible way they've brought the power of complete mobility to the art of making music. With the X18's beautifully laid-out top panel, all you need to do is plug in your mic and line level sources, then mix them from anywhere you like - via the intuitive, free remote control app on your tablet.

MIDAS - The Legend in Sound Quality

Ever since its formation in the 1970s, MIDAS has had a long history of innovation and leadership in the world of audio mixing consoles. Employed by the most famous touring acts and installations world-wide, legendary MIDAS consoles such as the XL4 and Heritage H3000 quickly became industry standards.

MIDAS has earned their impeccable reputation due to their no-compromise approach for audio and build quality and in particular for their Award-winning Mic Preamps which are considered by industry experts as the industry's best sounding designs. Building on this legacy, the XL8 and PRO Series of Live Mixing Systems continue this great heritage of Award-winning audio quality.

BEHRINGER is proud to incorporate a MIDAS designed mic preamp for the ultimate in high-quality audio reproduction in both live and studio environments. Find out more about MIDAS' amazing legacy by visiting their extensive website.

Wirelessly Inspired

Designed for the ultimate in mobility, the X18 comes with an integrated Wi-Fi module for direct control of the mixer's functions without the need to setup and configure an external router. The X18 gives you the freedom to focus on your mix, while allowing you to move about the venue to experience what every part of the audience is hearing. Plus you can adjust live monitor wedges from the artist's perspective - or better yet, let them mix their own IEMs or floor monitors via their own tablets.

Recording Simplicity

The incredibly fast and comprehensive 18 x 18 channel, bi-directional USB interface also makes the X18 an amazingly powerful digital mixing solution for recording directly to your iPad or PC. Whether you're making rock history in the studio, or you want to capture intimate live performances - it's never been easier to record stunning tracks with exceptional clarity.

Virtual FX Rack

The onboard virtual FX Rack provides access to four true-stereo (8 mono), multi-effects processors including delay, chorus, dynamics - plus it can run production-quality, true-stereo reverbs concurrently with 31-band EQ, all without the need for any additional hardware.

You can select any combination of high-end simulations of legendary studio effects, such as the Lexicon 480L and PCM70, as well as the EMT250 and Quantec QRS reverbs. Onboard processing means your computer doesn't have to do the heavy lifting during a mixing session with DAW plug ins as the X18 has a whole studio of FX under it's hood.

Seeing is Believing

The X18 allows you to achieve new levels of EQ finesse thanks to its 100-band Real Time Analyzer, which is built into every input channel and bus EQ. Visual feedback built into the control app allows you to see and make fast, surgical adjustments to frequencies in need of a little boost or a cut. You'll wonder how you ever EQ'd without it!

The Easy Way to Send Sound

ULTRANET connectivity allows you to send up to 16 digital sources over Cat 5e cable to other ULTRANET compatible gear such as P16-M personal monitors or the new iQ loudspeakers from TURBOSOUND. Send any of the X18's input sources through one lightweight, easy-to-deploy Ethernet cable to a P16-D distribution hub or to individual P16-M monitor mixers. This powerful tool makes it easy for individual performers to create their own "more me" mix - and frees you up to put on your best show.
In addition to the Main LR Outs for Front of House, 6 Aux buses with inserts, full dynamics and 6-band parametric EQ are provided for dialing in perfect monitor mixes. Connectivity is made simple with 6 TRS outputs for Aux buses, 2 XLR Main Outs, as well as stereo RCA sockets and phones connection with dedicated Level control.


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Andres B. - 19.02.2019
Sehr nette Bedienung. Da kein Lagerbestand, war die Lieferfrist lange. Aber man kann nicht alle Kundenwünsche an Lager haben. Das kostet Geld und Platz. Infos sind super.
Stephan F. - 22.02.2019
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Romulo M. - 05.04.2019
Wie immer ein Top Service von euch. Ich werde euch immer gerne weiter empfehlen.
Daniel S. - 23.02.2019
Langjähriger Kunde, bin zufrieden
Wally F. - 21.02.2019
ich weiss nicht wie ich Ihnen danken kann, Ihre Geduld und Kooperation entlastet mich gewaltig... herzlichen Dank!
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