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Angelina d. - 01.04.2019
Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt. Tadelloser, super schneller Service/Versand.
Peter R. - 16.05.2019
Top Service, schnell und effizient.
Agnes H. - 15.05.2019
Rasche und unkomplizierte Lieferung. Das Instrument entspricht vollkommen der Produktebeschreibung. Ich würde jederzeit wieder bestellen..
Marco M. - 27.03.2019
Rasche Verarbeitung der Bestellung und Lieferung. Unkompliziert, beantworten Fragen zügig.
Tom S. - 16.04.2019
Super! Alles bestens und jederzeit gerne wieder. Guter Lagerbestand ausserdem.

Behringer X32

  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer X32
Artikel Nr: 150225
Marke: Behringer
Serie: Behringer X32
Kategorie: Digital-Mixer
Verfügbarkeit:  <span><h3>Verfügbarkeit</h3><span><span class="green stock-text">Mehrere Einheiten <b>ab Lager</b> lieferbar</span></span><span><br/><br/><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> Verfügbar</span></span></span> Mehrere Einheiten ab Lager lieferbar
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Giebenach BL<span><h3>Verfügbarkeit</h3><span><span class="green stock-text">Mehrere Einheiten <b>ab Lager</b> lieferbar</span></span><span><br/><br/><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> Verfügbar</span></span></span>  Ab Lager
CHF 1869.00
UVP: CHF 2509.00
Zum Beispiel:

"Changing the game!"

32-Kanal, 16-Bus Digital-Misch-Konsole. Ob für Liveanwendungen oder fürs Recording - diese Konsole lässt keine Wünsche in Funktionalität, Soundqualität und Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten offen. Inklusive USB-Audio-Interface-Card.
Erst ab Mac OS 10.8 kompatibel! Interfacekarte ist USB-Only
Product Rating4.8 von 5 | 3 Bewertungen |   Bewertung schreiben


Ever since the "dawn of digital" audio engineers the world over have had a love-hate relationship with their consoles. The new BEHRINGER X32 digital mixing console lets you focus on your event, instead of navigating a vast sea of knobs, buttons and menus like most other live digital mixers. X32 is intuitive and powerful with 40 processing channels and 25 mix buses, all equipped with serious signal processing (dynamics, EQ and inserts), which can be configured quickly to meet the demands of virtually any gig, large or small.
Ready for your input
Use any combination of the local 32 console mic inputs or the networked digital snake inputs on stage-their audiophile quality programmable preamps always ensure full control, purity and impeccable dynamics. The dedicated channel strip section puts 17 backlit buttons and 13 rotary controls with LED-collars right at your fingertips for nuanced adjustment of each channel's compressor, 4-band parametric EQ and much more. Each input and output channel strip features its own color backlit 128x64 graphic LCD, which provides vital channel information at-a-glance.
Virtual FX Rack
The onboard virtual FX Rack provides access to eight true-stereo, multi-effects processors (16 mono) including delay, chorus, dynamics-and it can run 4 production quality true-stereo reverbs concurrently with 8 channels of 31-band graphic equalization, all without the need for expensive, space-consuming external hardware.
High-count I/O options
I/O abounds with 32 high-end programmable mic preamps; 6 Aux Inputs on 1/4" TRS; 16 balanced XLR Outs, plus balanced Control Room outputs on both XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors. A single CAT5 cable from FOH to the stage can receive up to 48 channels of audio input-and deliver all bus outputs, along with 16 individual monitor feeds for BEHRINGER's brand new P16 personal monitoring system.
Vital information is just a click away
Thanks to the netbook-resolution, 800x480 high-contrast color TFT display, you are never more than one or two button presses away from any of X32's eight highly intuitive control screens. Once you select the desired function, dedicated rotary/push encoders allow you to set parameters and source I/O assignment, without the need to "drill down" through multiple layers of menus or page through a complex owner's manual.
Versatile signal and scene management
Signals can be assigned to eight DCA groups (Digitally Controlled Amplifier), which provides simultaneous group level control via dedicated 100 mm motorized faders. The audio engineer can communicate with the talent by means of the Talkback section's onboard mic or an external mic of their choosing. X32's scene management allows snapshots of high-level production mixes to be captured and recalled for future use (you can even save them to a USB stick). X32 even has a dedicated custom control section with user-definable knobs and buttons where you can create your own set of controls, making it easy to access frequently used functions "on-the-fly."
Bus and rear panel flexibility

X32 provides extensive output connectivity including 16 balanced XLR outputs, six balanced Line I/O on 1/4" TRS connectors; dual Phones outputs; Main LCR (Left, Center, Right) buses; 16 mix buses (also configurable as subgroups) with Inserts, 6-band parametric EQ and dynamics processing; plus six independent Matrix Mixes with Inserts, also with 6-band parametric EQ and dynamics processing.

The rear panel also sports two AES50* ports, each with Klark Teknik's rock-solid SuperMAC 48-channel I/O networking capability (for addressing a total of 96 inputs and outputs). Stereo digital output and MIDI are also supported, as well as ultra-low jitter, ultra-low latency communication between the X32 and digital snakes, remote stage boxes and outboard recording devices. A convenient top panel USB port is available for recording an uncompressed two-channel "board mix" straight to any standard USB thumb drive or for playing background music.
The Future is Here-Now!
System expansion and connectivity capabilities are provided via an integrated card slot, which allows you to add up to 32 channels of digital audio I/O by way of IEEE1394 FireWire, ADAT TOSLINK or USB. It will even support standalone 16-channel uncompressed multi-track recording to an attached USB drive-without requiring a computer!
Digital Mixing-Analog Price
The BEHRINGER X32 digital mixing console sets a new benchmark for live sound mixing along with unprecedented value. Never before has any manufacturer offered a full-featured digital mixing console with such large input and output channel count, comprehensive processing, flexible expansion options and an intuitive user interface-all at a price point that has the competition shaking in their boots!


- Interfacekarte ist USB-Only


- 32 High-End programmable Mic Preamps and 16 balanced XLR Outputs, plus balanced Control Room outputs on XLR and 1/4"
- 6 additional balanced Line IN/OUT on 1/4" TRS, two Phones outputs and Talkback section with integrated or external mic
- Main LCR plus 16 Mix Busses, with Insert, 6-Band parametric EQ and dynamics processing, that can be configured as subgroups too
- 6 Independent Matrix Mixes, with Insert, 6-Band parametric EQ and dynamics processing
- 6 Mute groups and 8 DCA groups on 8 dedicated 100 mm motorized faders
- High-resolution, high-contrast color TFT and associated rotary push controls, and dedicated channel strip section for intuitive workflow.
- Individual RGB backlit graphic LCD in every Channel and DCA group/ Mix Bus
- Insert points, full dynamics and EQ processing concurrently available in all Channels and Mix busses
- Adjustable line delays available on all physical in- and outputs
- Powerful Scene management for convenient handling of demanding show productions
- 25 Motorized 100 mm Faders, and extensive channels strip controls, plus dedicated user-definable controls section
- USB flash connector for uncompressed EZ-Recording, Show and Preset file storage and system updates
- Two AES50 ports each with rock-solid 48 CH I/O Networking, P16 output for 16 Channel Personal Monitoring system, AES/EBU stereo digital output and MIDI
- Including USB-Interface-Card
- Rear USB and Ethernet ports for networked remote control or show setup
- High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
- High-speed 32-Bit floating-point processing ensures unlimited dynamic range, no internal overload/clipping and near-zero latency between in and outputs
- Erst ab Mac OS 10.8 kompatibel!

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Guy N. 12.03.2019
Très bon matériel, la collaboration avec Midas se fait sentir, la qualité du son est exceptionnelle et l'utilisation assez intuitive pour une personne qui a quant même de l'expérience.
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Rapport Qualité/Prix SUPER
Patrick C. 13.04.2017
Bon produit.
Les caractéristiques de cette table son fabuleuse contenu du prix affiché.
Merci a Behringer de nous mettre à disposition un produit comme celui-là.
Je le conseille à tout les petits budgets, mais qui on envie d'avoir du matériel complet.
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Superbe achat
Danny D. 26.01.2016
Cette console numérique est top ! parfait pour le live !
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Henning I. - 26.03.2019
Nochmal vielen Dank für die Beratung und den Service!
Monika R. - 29.03.2019
Alles war super. Wir werden immer wieder bei Ihnen bestellen.
Laura C. - 05.04.2019
Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe. Ich wurde noch nie so freundlich und zuvorkommend bedient wie von Ihnen.
Riaz K. - 20.03.2019
Ich danke Ihnen für den super Service
Angelika M. - 05.04.2019
Alles super, gerne wieder, vielen Dank!
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