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Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30 MK I Head (hot scarlett & ivory)

  • Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30 MK I Head (hot scarlett & ivory)
  • Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30 MK I Head (hot scarlett & ivory)
  • Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30 MK I Head (hot scarlett & ivory)
  • Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30 MK I Head (hot scarlett & ivory)
  • Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30 MK I Head (hot scarlett & ivory)
  • Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30 MK I Head (hot scarlett & ivory)
Jackson Ampworks
Artikel Nr: 186814
Marke: Jackson Ampworks
Serie: Jackson Ampworks Newcastle
Kategorie: Gitarren-Top
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CHF 1990.00
Zum Beispiel:

Der Newcastle 30 von Jackson Ampworks ist super simpel und doch unheimlich vielseitg. Das er fantastisch klingt, ist natürlich auch ziemlich hilfreich!


Like the original NewCastle, the NewCastle 30 is a simple tone machine that will cover everything from pristine British clean to straight up Rock and everywhere in between. The clean tones are rich and full of authority with sparkling highs that never become brittle or piercing. The low end was specifically designed to remain tight and punchy even when cranked so you?ll never lose definition when playing at loud volumes. The NewCastle 30 adds to the NewCastle?s tone with increased headroom and low end punch and clarity. Tonally the NewCastle 30 has an English heritage but is cleaner and more robust than many EL84 based amps. The NewCastle 30 is perfect for the player that uses a lot of pedals and wants an affordable clean platform to work from. In fact the NewCastle 30 remains clean up till around 2:00 on the Volume control and from there breaks up into the most musical overdrive you have ever heard! One of the best features of the NewCastle 30 is how well it cleans up when you roll the volume on your guitar down. With the NewCastle 30 you may find that you don?t need your overdrive pedals anymore as the volume control on your guitar acts like a gain control on the amp depending on how hard you play. In fact, you may find that your favorite setting is to leave the Volume up all the way on the amp and use your guitars volume to vary between your clean and dirty tones! Couple this with its very effective Tone control, and the NewCastle 30 can morph between pristine clean, hard rock and warm smooth jazz tones with ease! The NewCastle 30 is a lesson in simplicity. Someone once asked us, ?What?s your secret to great tone?? Answer: ?Use good parts, and use as few as possible.? That is what the NewCastle 30 is all about. The design was purposefully kept simple to make it easier to dial in and to keep your tone as pure as possible. During the design phase of the NewCastle 30 we spent many hours working with artists, producers and engineers and we used their feedback to help dial in the circuit so that the NewCastle 30 would work seamlessly with all types of guitars, pickups and effects and the extra effort was well worth it! The NewCastle 30 is a perfect go-to amp for players looking to capture great tone either live or in the studio! Special attention was paid during the design of the NewCastle 30 to guarantee that lack of headroom would never be a concern as is often the case with other 30W amps. To give as much power and headroom as possible, the power supply and output section were overbuilt to guarantee that the amp delivers every last bit of power possible out of it?s quartet of EL84?s! In addition to this, the NewCastle 30 features a Variable Power Supply which allows the high voltage of the amp to be seamlessly adjusted from 100% power down to 10% power with no tonal change at all. The only difference is how loud the amp is! The tone and dynamics stay the same and all the touch sensitivity you would expect from a tube amp remain constant but now at bedroom volumes! Along with the power amp section, the preamp has been designed to handle single coil as well as humbucker equipped guitars with ease and without becoming flabby in the low end, even when the amp is cranked! Try the NewCastle 30 yourself and experience its ease of use and pure rich tone, and we think you?ll agree that simple really is better!

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Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30 Stack Gitarren-Verstärker-Stack
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