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Presonus StudioLive 16 Series III

  • Presonus StudioLive 16 Series III
  • Presonus StudioLive 16 Series III
  • Presonus StudioLive 16 Series III
  • Presonus StudioLive 16 Series III
  • Presonus StudioLive 16 Series III
  • Presonus StudioLive 16 Series III
Artikel Nr: 193488
Marke: Presonus
Serie: Presonus StudioLive Series III
Kategorie: Digital-Mixer
Verfügbarkeit:  <span><h3>Verfügbarkeit</h3><span><span class="green stock-text">Mehrere Einheiten <b>ab Lager</b> lieferbar</span></span><span><br/><br/><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> Verfügbar</span></span></span> Mehrere Einheiten ab Lager lieferbar
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Einheit: 1 Stk.
CHF 1829.00
UVP: CHF 2049.00
Zum Beispiel:

16-Kanal-Digitalmixer/Recorder mit Motorfadern


  • A re-envisioned Fat Channel.

    The StudioLive 16?s Fat Channel has received a major overhaul while continuing to offer digital precision with the heart and soul of analog. Our new Fat Channel implements a plug-in-style workflow that features vintage-style EQ and compression options on every channel, from classic tube limiters to passive EQs. And in addition to channel processing, the StudioLive 16 offers 6-band, fully parametric EQ on all mix outputs. Enjoy extensive, studio-style processing when recording on location or running shows on the road!

  • Define your own layouts, views, and workflows.

    StudioLive 16 goes above and beyond in providing ways to customize things to best fit the way you work. Now you can customize your Fat Channel layout, putting the parameters you care about most right at your fingertips. There are even several workflow options to personalize your mixing experience. For instance, you can control the mixer with a multiple iPads and?optionally?a computer, each running UC Surface with a different view, enabling you to see and touch all of the controls you need at a given time.

  • Customize scenes and presets in new and powerful ways?including your way.

    With StudioLive 16, we?ve upped the ante and given you more flexibility when working with scenes and presets. Mixer scenes now include Scene Safe. Similarly, we?ve expanded the concept of Fat Channel presets so that presets have, for practical purposes, become like scenes for individual channels, not only saving input and Fat Channel settings but also aux send and bus assignments. Of course you can also use preset filters to choose what you want to recall.

  • Create buses and groups to suit your workflow with new FlexMixes.

    Don?t you hate it when you?re setting up for a show and find you have an unused subgroup?but you?re short one monitor mix? That?s not a problem anymore, thanks to 16 FlexMixes that can be individually designated as aux, subgroup, or matrix mixes. You get a total of 10 FlexMixes on analog outputs, six on XLR connectors, and four on ¼-inch TRS; the other six are routed over USB or AVB. These 16 FlexMixes are in addition to the 4 fixed subgroups that also are available via USB or AVB, giving you a total of 20 mix buses, not counting the main mix, solo, and FX buses. We also provided 24 DCAs so you can more easily and flexibly control groups of channels. These are only a few of the many ways you can customize your StudioLive 16 mixer exactly to your needs and workflow.

  • Integrated, multiplatform software for flexible control and one-click recording.

    PreSonus StudioLive 16 mixers are tightly integrated with an entire suite of state-of-the-art software. Mix wirelessly or over a wired network from anywhere, using UC Surface touch-control software for Mac, Windows, and iPad®. Control your monitor (aux) mixes with QMix-UC. Remote control the mixer?s recallable XMAX preamps and Fat Channel processing with Studio One for low-latency recording with effects. (Reverb-drowned singers: rejoice!) Completely automate virtual soundchecks and record shows with Capture. Save mixer scenes with your live recordings in Capture and edit both in Studio One Artist. StudioLive 16 mixers and software work together to form a cohesive ecosystem that helps you achieve your creative vision.

  • Network-ready, with a choice of computer recording methods.

    Networking isn?t the future of professional audio systems; it?s here now. StudioLive 16 mixers come equipped with an AVB Ethernet connection that enables you to network multiple StudioLive 16 mixers and compatible computers and stream up to 55 channels of audio to and from a Mac or Windows PC. You also get 38x38 recording via USB 2.0, giving you a choice of computer recording methods. Each channel can independently access its analog input or its dedicated digital return from your computer. And recording is simple and easy: Just launch the included, preconfigured Capture software for one-click recording of all channel inputs and your main mix. Or record with the included Studio One Artist DAW?or with any recording software that supports ASIO or Core Audio.

  • Remote mix control available on a plethora of both wired and wireless devices.

    Remote mix control available on a plethora of both wired and wireless devices.

  • Extensive connections for flexible signal flow.

    The back panel of a StudioLive 16 console sports all of the connections you need for live sound and studio production. With flexible connectivity, superior audio quality, the ability to customize for your workflow, and powerful processing, mixing, and routing capabilities, you?ll create your mixes in whatever manner works best for you. We just provide the tools.

  • Superior sound.

    Connect a StudioLive 16 mixer, and you?ll instantly hear details and an open high end you?d expect to find only in an expensive studio console. We built our reputation designing great-sounding analog circuits, including our famous XMAX solid-state, Class A preamps, and we put all of that experience into designing the StudioLive 16. We didn?t cut corners on components, and we just say ?No!? to noisy, crosstalk-y ribbon cables. As a result, the StudioLive 16 delivers the high-end audio quality you need to preserve your hard-earned reputation for producing great-sounding mixes and recordings.

Leistungsfähigster Mixer seiner Klasse
17 Motorfader
Integriertes Multitrack Recording und virtueller Soundcheck - ohne Computer auf SD Karte
Komplett überarbeiteter Fat Channel mit Vintage EQ und Kompressoren
Eigene Layouts, Views und Workflows
Anpassen von Szenen und Voreinstellungen
Neue FlexMixes für Busse und Gruppen
Integrierte Multiplattform-Software für flexible Steuerung und Ein-Klick-Aufnahme
Netzwerkfähig, mit einer Mehrzahl an Computer-Aufnahmemethoden
Remote-Mix-Steuerung auf einer Fülle von drahtgebundenen und drahtlosen Geräten
Umfangreiche Anschlüsse für flexiblen Signalfluss

Eine passende digital Stagebox ist in Vorbereitung!


- integrierter SD-Card-Recorder für 16-Spur-Aufnahmen und Virtual-Soundchecks ohne Rechner
- 38x38 USB-Recording-Interface, 55x55 AVB-Recording-Interface
- 17 berührungsempfindliche Motorfader, frei programmierbare Faderbelegung
- 24 programmierbare Filter-DCA-Gruppen mit zuweisbaren Channel-Typen
- 16 hochauflösende digitale Beschriftungsfelder mit Panpot-Anzeige
- 8 Mikrofoneingänge (XLR) plus 8 Mic/Line-Eingänge (Combo XLR/Klinke, symmetrisch)
- 2 Stereo-Aux-Eingänge (Klinke, symmetrisch), Stereo-Cinch-Eingang (L/R), Talkback-Mic-Eingang (XLR)
- integrierter Bluetooth-4.1-Empfänger zur Audiowiedergabe vom iPhone/Smartphone
- 16 programmierbare XMAX Class-A-Mikrofonvorverstärker, einzeln schaltbare 48-V-Phantomspeisung
- doppelt belegbarer Fat Channel mit 7"-Color-Touchscreen, 8 LC-Displays, 8 Tastern, 8 Encodern, A/B-Taster für Alternativsounds und Vergleiche, frei programmierbare User-Belegung
- Fat-Channel-Taster: Quellenwahl, Gain, 48 V, Phasenschalter, Panpot, Aux-Sends, Routing
- Fat-Channel-Signalbearbeitung: Hochpassfilter, Noise Gate/Expander mit Sidechain-Funktion und Key-Filter, Limiter, parametrischer 4-Band-EQ, Kompressor mit Sidechain-Funktion und Key-Filter, alternative Vintage-Presets für EQ und Kompressor
- Library mit professionellen Fat-Channel-Presets für Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals etc.
- insgesamt 99 Fat-Channel-Speicher mit Save/Load/Copy
- 4 interne Digitaleffektprozessoren (2x Delay, 2x Reverb) inkl. Vintage-Presets
- programmierbares Delay in allen Ein- und Ausgängen, parametrischer 6-Band-EQ in allen Ausgängen
- integrierter Echtzeit-Analyser mit Messtongenerator, 8 programmierbare 31-Band-Grafik-EQs
- 100 Komplett-Pultszenen speicherbar, editierbar, wiederaufrufbar
- 8 programmierbare Mute-Gruppen und 8 Quick-Szenen-Speicher
- 10 FlexMix-Ausgänge (6x XLR, 4x Klinke, symmetrisch), konfigurierbar als Aux, Subgruppe oder Matrix
- 4 zusätzliche, fest definierte Subgruppen-Ausgänge (Klinke, symmetrisch)
- trimmbarer Stereo-Main-Ausgang (XLR L/R) plus trimmbarer Main-Mono-Ausgang (XLR)
- Monitor-Ausgang (Klinke L/R, symmetrisch), Stereo-Cinch-Ausgang (L/R), Kopfhörerausgang (Stereoklinke)
- AES/EBU-Stereo-Digitalausgang (XLR), Ethernet Control-Port, Ethercon AVB Audio-Netzwerk-Port
- Studio One Artist (DAW-Software) und Capture (Mitschnitt-Software) gratis zum Download

- Gewicht: 15.190kg
- Höhe: 33mm
- Breite: 58mm
- Tiefe: 80mm

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Thomas S. - 23.04.2019
Der Kundenservice war sehr gut. Meine gewollten Produkte konnte ich gleich ab Lager mit nach Hause nehmen
Stefan F. - 05.06.2019
Obwohl das Produkt nicht gleich verfügbar war, klappte die Auslieferung schnell - ich hatte den Eindruck, dass alles daran gesetzt wurde, dass die Lieferung so rasch wie möglich vorgenommen werden konnte!!
Harry H. - 01.04.2019
Schneller Versand, bin sehr zufrieden!
Rolf S. - 24.05.2019
Die beiden Lautsprecher sind gestern schon angekommen, Sie bieten einen echt tollen Service bei MusiX! :-)
Kevin J. - 22.05.2019
Bei der Lieferung war ein Fell leicht beschädigt und nicht brauchbar. Meine Anfrage auf Ersatz wurde schnell und kompetent abgewickelt. Super Service, vielen Dank! Ich kaufe wieder bei MusiX!
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