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Sonor Perfect Balance Standard by Jojo Mayer

  • Sonor Perfect Balance Standard by Jojo Mayer
  • Sonor Perfect Balance Standard by Jojo Mayer
  • Sonor Perfect Balance Standard by Jojo Mayer
  • Sonor Perfect Balance Standard by Jojo Mayer
CHF 209.00 | UVP: CHF 299.00
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The pedal that almost plays by itself.


Can you make a successful pedal even better? In any case, you can simplify certain things and offer an even simpler but fast pedal. So Sonor has a cheaper version of the Jojo Mayer pedal in the range.

The Jojo Mayer Bassdrum Pedal is one of the most successful pedals on the market. Now Sonor has another model in the range. The biggest difference to the Jojo Mayer Signature Pedal is that you can not fold it up. It is a simplified model.

Sonor notes, "No complex folding and clamping mechanisms, no laser-engraved heel plate, no polished footplate, no leather case - only the carefully calibrated system that optimizes the linear translation of your foot movements, the perfect balance between forward and backward movement the Beaters, a feeling as if the pedal was playing by itself.


- Same running and playability as the Signature model
- Fixed pillar
- Separate hoop clamp
- Band tension of ballistic fiber material
- Absolutely flat tread
- Ball bearing hinge
- nylon bag (black, with white SONOR logo)
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