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TAMA HT850BC Round Rider XL Hydraulix "Cloth Top"

  • TAMA HT850BC Round Rider XL Hydraulix 'Cloth Top'
CHF 236.00
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Featuring a traditional and gently rounded cushion shape that is very popular due to its versatility

This new extra large Round Rider XL seat provides the same classic shape with a wider surface area and a thicker seat.


  • Round Rider XL Seat

    In order to support diverse playing styles and provide the maximum in playing comfort, Tama developed the extra large and super-padded Round Rider seat top.

  • Newly Designed Cloth Top

    Our newly designed cloth top features a special fabric material that wicks away perspiration and prevents drummers from slipping while playing.

  • Seat Lock (US. PAT. NO.6030045)

    This is a great design that utilizes two-piece locking hinge collar system for superior throne base to seat connection and oversized wing nut for easy and secure tightening. TAMA removed the "wobble" which can typically affect the seat to throne base connection.

  • Super Stabilizer Design

    By lowering the distance of the center throne pipe to the floor, a lower center of gravity was achieved. Additional stability improved by lengthening the tripod leg stabilizer bar and designing double-braced tripod legs that do not taper at the point they insert into the rubber feet.

  • Hydraulix

    1st Chair HYDRAULIX thrones allow effortless height adjustment simply by activating a lever. And because HYDRAULIX features a seat that can be removed from the base, this innovative throne offers the most easy-to-store and transport design in the market.

  • Oversized Rubber Feet

    The extra-large rubber feet are 1.5 times larger than previous TAMA rubber feet to optimize stability.

  • Foot Life (US.PAT.NO.5785287)

    It's tough to imagine just how much weight and stress is on the rubber feet of your stand-until you see how often you have to keep replacing them. Not so with Foot Life. An innovative plastic leg attachment, Foot Life eliminates the wear and tear of metal to metal contact for longer foot life.


- Height adjustable range: 515mm-695mm
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