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Leila H. - 22.03.2019
Der beste Service in der Schweiz. Ich bestelle schon seit über 4 Jahren auf MusiX und bin von der Professionalität und Qualität fest überzeugt
Heinz Z. - 29.05.2019
Bin sehr zufrieden .Top Service!
Philipp K. - 03.06.2019
Vielen Dank. MusiX halt! :-)))
Roland F. - 26.05.2019
Kompetenter, prompter Service und eine sehr attraktive Produktauswahl.
Dimitri R. - 12.06.2019
Alles hat gut geklappt. Klare Kaufempfehlung!

TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack

  • TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack
  • TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack
  • TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack
  • TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack
  • TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack
  • TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack
  • TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack
  • TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack
TC Helicon
Artikel Nr: 152443
Marke: TC Helicon
Serie: TC Helicon VoiceLive
Kategorie: Voice Processor
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CHF 575.00
UVP: CHF 865.00
Zum Beispiel:

Jeden Effekt den du brauchst, um wie in deinen Lieblingssongs zu klingen.

komplettes Vokal-Effekt Gerät im Rack-Format mit vielen Songbeispielen, Vokal-Mikrofon MP-75 zur Fernbedienung von Effekten oder Songs inklusive! für Musiker und Verleiher


  • Total Voice Control

    VoiceLive Rack is the total solution for studio and live vocal effects. It's a completely controllable mic channel with a transparent, digitally controlled mic preamp, a full suite of adaptive pre-effects, packed with TC HELICON's industry leading VoiceLive effects and wrapped in an intuitive Touch interface. You can produce any vocal sound you've heard or dreamed of.

  • Pure Vocal Pedigree

    VoiceLive Rack is filled with the vocal effects technology behind our best selling VoiceLive series. We're talking about studio-grade audio to help you define new vocal territory. From our trademark Adaptive Tone to brilliant vocal harmonies, it's all there. We've also included some extra features such as global reverb and store & recall set up info.

  • The Perfect Interface

    1 Intuitive Touch access to browse, edit and store all parameters.

    2 Easy-to-read display of preset details with navigation by button or wheel; mix knobs for value adjustment.

    3 Touch activation of all vocal FX.

    4 High-quality In-Out for your computer with all of the I/O connections you'll need including MIDI, XLR, ¼" and AUX for MP3.

  • Locked & Loaded For Vocals

    You'll have all the vocal effects that have made our VoiceLive series of processors so popular - in just the right format to inspire you in the studio or with your live tech setup. There are hundreds of fully editable presets. We keep you up to date with even more presets through free downloads. If you dream it, VoiceLive Rack does it.

  • Vocal FX Highlights

    Effects made famous in our VoiceLive series
    - Over 200 factory or 400 user presets for a wide sonic range with room to grow
    - Global Tone automatically produces your core vocal sound with adaptive EQ, compression and de-essing with manual over-ride
    - Auto sensing of harmony control instrument to minimize setup time and allow instrument swapping in performance

Total Vocal Control

VoiceLive Rack combines a transparent, digitally controlled mic preamp, a full suite of adaptive pre-effects, and TC-Helicon's industry leading, complete vocal effects path to produce any vocal sound you've heard or dreamed of. Now, whether you're constructing a giant vocal track for your latest tune or mixing front-of-house at today's tour stop, VoiceLive Rack delivers the vocal magic. VoiceLive Rack is available in stores October 2011.

- Full mic channel with digitally controlled gain, phantom power and pre effects
- Complete vocal effects path; if you dream it, VoiceLive Rack does it
- Direct access editing and performer control via Mic Control and footswitch input
- Includes MP-75 Modern Performance Vocal Microphone with Mic Control

Every effect you'll need to sound like your favorite songs

VoiceLive Rack is bursting with the vocal effects that made VoiceLive 2 our best selling effects unit ever. These effects are studio-grade so your singing can sound like your favorite songs or define new vocal territory.

- Includes effects made famous by VoiceLive 2 including HardTune, ?Mod (chorus; flange & detune), tap delay, reverb, harmony, doubling, and transducer (distortion and radio voices)
- Global Tone automatically "produces" your core vocal sound with adaptive EQ, compression and de-ess with manual over-ride
- Over 200 factory or 400 user presets offer a wide sonic range with room to grow
- Auto sensing of harmony control instrument to minimize setup time and allow instrument swapping in performance

NaturalPlay harmonies

Guided by a guitar signal, aux feed from a mixing console, a MIDI keyboard or even no instrument at all, VoiceLive Rack has brilliant vocal harmonies for you.

- Harmony reference can guided by guitar, MIDI or MP3 player or key & scale
- Up to 8 voices with MIDI keyboard control or 4 doubled harmony intervals
- From smooth and natural sound to extreme vocal pitch shifting
- Complete customization with adjustable gender, humanization and more

Unique and easy touch interface

The lightest tap on a button is all it takes to activate effects. Navigate around the features and presets with an ease that becomes addictive. Use the weighted encoder to browse presets, then touch a button to turn an effect on or off. Want to quickly make an adjustment? Just push and hold an effect button to jump directly to its edit block.
An engineer that listens

Like a great audio engineer, VoiceLive Rack's adaptive Tone feature listens to you and adjusts automatically to make your voice sound smooth and produced.

- Studio grade adaptive EQ, compression and de-ess reduce muddiness and contain
dynamics automatically
- Adaptive gate fights stage leakage between vocal phrases
- Manual over-rides offer additional user control

Includes MP-75 microphone with Mic Control

This is what every singer deserves: a microphone engineered for the sonic realities of modern vocal performance and simple one-button control of TC-Helicon vocal effects. You'd expect nothing less from the only pro audio company 100% dedicated to the needs of singers.

The revolutionary and patent pending Mic Control circuit is built into each VoiceTone single pedal. This allows TC-Helicon's MP-75 Modern Performance Vocal microphone's thumb switch to turn your VoiceTone single's effect on and off. Picture having the freedom to kick-in your vocal effect while working the stage, not gazing at your feet. It gets really cool when you chain multiple VoiceTone singles pedals together and control each one independently or turn them all on or off in combination.


VoiceLive 2 Connections
Analog Inputs

- Connectors, balanced: Mic.: XLR, Line: 1/4? phone jack, Guitar: 1/4? phone jack, Aux: 1/8? stereo mini jack
- Impedance: Balanced/Unbalanced: Mic.: 2.14/1.07 kOhm, Line: 13/6,5 kOhm
- Mic Input Level @ 0 dBFS: -49dBu to +10dBu
- Line Input Level @ -37 dBu to +22 dBu: -37 dBu to +22 dBu
- EIN @ Max Mic Gain Rg = 150 Ohm: -126 dBu
- Mic/Line Input SNR: >107 dB
- Guitar Input impedance: 1 MOhm
- Guitar Input Level @ 0 dBFS: 14 dBu to -4 dBu
- Guitar Input SNR: >104dB
- Aux Input Level @ 0dBu: +2dBu
- A to D Conversion: 24 bit, 128 x oversampling bitstream, 110dB SNR A-weighted

Analog Outputs;

- D to A Conversion: 24 bit, 128 x oversampling bitstream, 115dB SNR A-weighted
- Connectors, balanced: XLR and 1/4? phone jack
- Output Impedance Balanced/ Unbalanced: 100/50 Ohm
- Output Range (Line/Mic Level): 16 dBu / 0dBu
- Dynamic Range: > 109 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
- Frequency Response: +0/-0.3 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
- Headphone Out: 1/8? Mini stereo jack, 32 Ohm, +16dBu max (180mW max)

Digital Audio

- Connectors: RCA Phono (S/PDIF) & USB audio
- Formats: S/PDIF (24 bit), EIAJ CP-340, IEC 958, USB Audio
- Sample Rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz



- MIDI: In/Out/Thru: 5 Pin DIN
- Pedal: 1/4? TRS phone jack for Switch-3


- External Power Supply Mains Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz (auto-select)
- Power Consumption: < 14 W


- EMC - Complies with: EN 55103-1 and EN 55103-2, FCC part 15, Class B, CISPR 22, Class B
- Safety - certified to: IEC 65, EN 60065, UL6500 and CSA, IEC 65, EN 60065, UL6500 and CSA

Operating Requirements

- Operating Temperature: 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
- Storage Temperature: -22° F to 167° F (-30° C to 70° C)
- Humidity: Max. 90 % non-condensing

Included with VoiceLive Rack:

- Region specific power supply
- USB cable
- User guide
- VoiceSupport Application CD
- 1 year warranty parts and labor

- Gewicht: 3.600kg
- Höhe: 89mm
- Breite: 483mm
- Tiefe: 140mm

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Rolf S. - 24.05.2019
Die beiden Lautsprecher sind gestern schon angekommen, Sie bieten einen echt tollen Service bei MusiX! :-)
Ana P. - 26.04.2019
Vielen herzlichen Dank für Ihr Verständnis und den tollen Service.
Andreas K. - 26.03.2019
Vielen Dank für den super Service.
Doris C. - 05.06.2019
Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort und Ihr Entgegenkommen! Ich schätze Ihre prompte Antwort und Ihren Aufwand in dieser Sache. Auch möchte ich festhalten, dass Sie MusiX sich immer um Antwort auf meine Fragen bemüht hat und nie einfach nichts von sich hören liess. Auch die zeitlich um ein paar Tage verschobene Lieferung des Artikels wegen meinen Ferien hat tadellos geklappt.
Martin O. - 16.05.2019
Vielen Dank für alles! Hat wieder prima geklappt.
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