Victorilux (1X15)

  • Victoria Amplifier Victorilux (1X15)
Artikelnr.: 207824
Marke: Victoria Amplifier
Serie: Victoria Amplifier High-Powered Amps
Kategorie: Gitarren-Röhren-Combo


This amp sounds like a big, fat bassman and whether you want to play it clean with pedals or dime it into natural distortion, it is the perfect size. Unlike many Bass style amps, this amp has plenty of range with its volume so it doesnt reach full volume until you go past half way on the volume knob so there is plenty of room to dial it in. It won't just go from 0-100 with a slight knob turn. This particular amp is loaded with an Eminence 15" speaker and it has the 6L6 power section.
CHF 2899.00
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