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Sony Music Studios
Sony Music Studios
Idee und Klang
Idee und Klang
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Pauler Acoustics
Original Mastering
Original Mastering OM

The internationally renowned SONY MUSIC STUDIOS / TOKYO produce masterings in twelve mastering studios;since 2001 they have been using SE-MF-2 for producing SACDs. The studio's sound engineering team said that "We have never heard such accurate e mastering studio monitors".

"The exceptional phase stability of these monitors (SE-NF-3) yields a truly impressive spatial image; all of the other parameters are for a monitor of this size also incomparable."
Günter Pauler, Pauler Acoustics, Germany

"The uncompromising studio monitors manufactured by Jürgen Strauss meet all of my expectations and my customers are very enthusiastic about them. The monitors turn listening to music as well as recording work into real fun."
Jakob Händel, Händel Classic Audio, Germany

"In the area of monitoring, I wanted the very best available on the market for my mixing and mastering studio. I compared the top models of practically every manufacturer against each other and came to the conclusion that the SE-MF-2 is the standard against which other manufacturers should measure themselves."
Daniel Dettwiler, idee & klang, Switzerland

"With SE-NF-3 and SE-MF-2 monitors it is possible to listen deeply to sound images for hours on end, free of stress and without tiring. And to be able to take a step back and gain an overview so superbly makes mastering a real pleasure."
Hans Ulrich, MO MASTERING, Switzerland

Ausgewählte Beiträge aus Testberichten

"Whether large or small the Strauss loudspeakers belong without a doubt in the category "absolute top class", even when such a formulation doesn't quite so often go beyond my lips as people who know me will agree. Both loudspeakers, MF-2 and NF-3, are a marvel of precision and performance. These perfectly manufactured loudspeakers have a modest and inconspicuous appearance, yet are full of surprises however when it comes to their true spatial time and frequency reproduction characteristics. Whoever thought up till now that passive loudspeakers were something of the past, a discontinued line for professional studios, and only meant for hi-fi enthusiasts - then think again! You have not heard Strauss Monitors yet! They have my unconditional regards and admiration."
Fritz Fey, Studio Magazin