Hohner Auto Valve Harp (E-Dur)

  • Hohner Auto Valve Harp (E-Dur)
-36% 2
Έκπτωση:  -36% 2 Ειδική προσφορά περιορισμένη στο υπάρχον απόθεμα.
CHF 55.00 | UVP: CHF 85.50
Diatonic Harmonicas Richter

Ventilated Knittlinger-octave tuning with 20 Kanzellen.
Αυτή η σελίδα περιέχει κείμενα αυτόματων υπηρεσιών μεταφράσεων. 


Another rarity are harmonicas in the so-called Knittlinger-octave tuning with 20 Kanzellen. Today, there are world exist only two models that are produced according to this design principle. In particular, the melody will play like the Viennese model, with twice the number of bridges, preferred. Through its valving Auto Valve Harp gains significantly in volume, but the notes can not be bent.


Reeds: 40 Reed Plate: Brass, 0.9 mm Comb: Wood Length in cm: about 11.7
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