Samson PS10

  • Samson PS10
CHF 129.50
Power Distribution, 8 x IEC on the back, 1 x IEC on the front, surge protection and filtering
Αυτή η σελίδα περιέχει περιγραφές αυτόματων υπηρεσιών μεταφράσεων. 


Are pleased to samson announce a new line of Power Briton and Power Strip power conditioners. From the simplicity of the PowerStrip PS10, to the large, easy-to-read front panel metering system on the Power Brite Pro 10, Samson's new power conditioners provide clean, reliable power and are essential items in any rack system All three units feature 8 rear-panel IEC outlets plus additional front-panel convenience outlet on.


19 "rack-mount power conditioner eight rear-panel IEC plus additional front on-panel convenience Outlet 3-point protection: surge protection, peak voltage spike clamping, and RFI / EMI filtering Dedicated switch for powering rear-panel switched outlets Front-panel resettable 10-amp circuit breaker protects all connected gear Four IEC power cables included
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