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Alan L. - 05.03.2019
All went well! Will order again!
Martin D. - 13.02.2018
Thank you for your business - we appreciate it very much.
Ryan H. - 31.01.2019
It is a pleasure doing business with you! Perhaps you should consider introducing a customer loyalty program (points for future discounts) . Well done! Rock on ......
Frank P. - 02.12.2017
The comunication via email and the attention paid to the client needs was excellent so far in all my purchases at musix. Thank you
Kelemedi L. - 08.02.2019
Fantastic Service as always. Thank you so much.
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      Cleaning Accessories

      CHF 13.30
      CHF 12.30
      CHF 4.00
      CHF 10.00
      Heyday's Mp Refresh Wood 65ml
      • easy use
      • long-term effect of at least 7 days after one single use
      • works for both single and double reeds
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><span><span class="green stock-text">3 pieces <b>in stock</b></span></span><span><br/><br/><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 3</span></span></span>
      CHF 21.30
      Universal acoustics Microphome Cleaning Kit
      • Cleaning kit with foam spray, double-brush, microfiber cloth, nylon scrubber and a bag.
      • An application of this unique, quick-drying foam takes just two minutes, killing 99.9% of all germs. The internal electronics and microphone capsule is not damaged, no Carrier All existing foam in the mic.
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><span><span class="green stock-text">9 pieces <b>in stock</b></span></span><span><br/><br/><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 9</span></span></span>
      Universal acoustics
      CHF 31.20
      CHF 26.70
      Gewa 64823
      • - Protected with aluminum seal against evaporation and contamination - To clean plastic coated surfaces and keyboards - with disinfectant and anti-static effect - dispenser 100 wipes
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><span><span class="green stock-text">2 pieces <b>in stock</b></span></span><span><br/><br/><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 2</span></span></span>
      CHF 21.70
      CHF 33.30
      CHF 33.30
      CHF 23.60
      CHF 23.20
      CHF 25.10
      CHF 38.00
      Hill 47307
      • for string instruments
      <h3>Availability</h3><span><span class="red">Will be ordered for you as quick as possible</span></span>
      CHF 19.30
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      Customer feedbacks
      Kevin A. - 21.12.2015
      Thanks for your help, speaker arrived Saturday morning as expected and worked great that evening. Great service, thanks!
      Marion H. - 11.03.2018
      Incredibly fast response time and delivery. Everything arrived well packed. I also liked that I was kept informed through every stage of the process. Thank you!
      Radivoj S. - 22.10.2018
      You really do care about your customers! Thank you very much!
      Neil G. - 14.02.2018
      It's a pleasure doing business with you guys
      Axess K. - 10.12.2018
      Excellent!! Fantastic service!
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