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André K. - 20.02.2019
I'm quite happy with the product. It was delivered on time and the sales support was really helpful.
Ryan H. - 01.07.2019
I appreciate your reliable online shop and your very prompt delivery times! Keep it up, you guys are doing a great job. Hope to visit your store someday.
Stefano O. - 20.06.2017
Thank you for the update and for the excellent follow up
Alex S. - 07.03.2018
Shopping was quick and there products are in good condition. I'm very happy
Zaur K. - 08.03.2018
I will definitely recommend your services to my peers.
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      Signature Drumsticks

      One stick is long of a shaft (usually 38.5 to 42.5 cm), at the top there is the stick head. The weight varies from 40 to 70 grams in a special degree the sound of the sound generated from the performance of the stick depends on. Therefore, the market offers a variety of sticks in different lengths, thicknesses (diameters), weight, hardness, surfaces, profiles and head shapes.

      Mainly sticks are made of wood. The most common woods are hickory, oak (Oak) and Maple (Maple). Other materials for the production of carbon sticks, plastic, laminate and metal (usually aluminum). For many models, there are upper and stick his head out of different materials such as wood stock with plastic head.

      The head shape of a stick largely determined the resulting sound. Since sound different head shapes on different media (skin, pelvis, rubber pads, etc.) are always different, the selection of the "real" head shape is often a matter of taste.

      Most drum sticks are called with a number and a letter. These designations provide information on the size of the stick. The stated sizes are, however, no fixed standard and differ from manufacturer to manufacturer somewhat. Nevertheless, it can be concluded, which is roughly equivalent to the size of the floor. A stick with the number 7 is fine as an example with the number 2, or sticks with the letter "a" which are thinner than the letter "b".

      Common sizes:
      7a (Jazz)
      5a (Jazz / Pop)
      5b (Pop-Rock/Funk)
      2a (Rock)
      2b (Hard Rock)

      (The type of style is only the direction. Ultimately, it is always a matter of taste.)
      Why MusiX?
      • Free delivery in Switzerland from CHF 50.-
      • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
      • 3 Year Warranty *in CH*
      • Personal advice
      • 25,000 products in stock
      • Payment After Delivery
      • Daily deliveries
      Customer feedback
      Davor P. - 31.01.2019
      This is an outstanding pedal and Musix did a great job to ship it immediately! Bravo: perfect service. Merci.
      Dennis S. - 16.09.2019
      Online customer service is very competent and friendly. Quick E-mail response to my questions. The guys in the shop where i picked up my guitar were very helpful and professional. Over the years i have purchased many items from MusiX and it was always a good experience.
      Andelkovic D. - 15.08.2018
      Perfect comunication, even I had a small problem with my delivery, but the guys from MusiX did everything to help. 5 stars from me.
      Kelemedi L. - 08.02.2019
      Fantastic Service as always. Thank you so much.
      Salvatore A. - 07.03.2019
      Thank you again for a fast service and quality products.
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