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Elektron Analog Heat MK II

  • Elektron Analog Heat MK II
  • Elektron Analog Heat MK II
  • Elektron Analog Heat MK II
  • Elektron Analog Heat MK II
  • Elektron Analog Heat MK II
  • Elektron Analog Heat MK II
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A fiery furnace destined to make your music glow.

Eight Effects, Filter, EQ, Modulation, Brighter and Better!


Swedish music instrument maker Elektron proudly present the Analog Heat MKII, a versatile and powerful stereo analog sound processing unit. It does not make any sound on its own but does an excellent job enhancing any sound source you plug into it. The eight analog stereo effects circuits, the multimode filter, and the two-band EQ provide a wealth of sound shaping options. Upgrades from the MKI version include tougher and more precise encoders, back-lit buttons and a larger, sharper OLED screen. Great for stage, great in the studio, it even works as a 2-in/2-out sound card, for the on-the-go music producer.

"We get so much love from musicians who use this amazing little furnace. The Analog Heat, great for giving any sound an analog boost, just got even better," says Elektron CEO Jonas Hillman.

Analog Heat MKII Highlights

Eight Effects
The eight stereo analog circuits are designed to quickly access varied and powerful sound shaping. Each circuit has a distinctive way of processing sound. Clean boost, tape-like saturation, tube amp-like enhancement, overdrive, crunch, distortion, harmonic fuzz or high gain? You'll find your favorite flavor with ease.

Filter, EQ, Modulation
Right next to the effects dial there's a stereo analog multimode filter and a two-band stereo analog EQ, hands-on and accessible. Modulation sources include a custom envelope and an LFO, each with a host of possible destinations. The intuitive controls and the ample modulation options make precise sound processing a breeze. Combined use of filter and envelope lets you heat up just the frequency range you want, at just the amplitude threshold you want.

Brighter and Better
The MKII version of the Analog Heat features improved durability and precision encoders, new tough back-lit keys and a crisp OLED screen. The display is bigger, sharper and brighter: perfect for performing in the dark. There is also additional visual feedback on the Amp, Filter, Envelope and LFO pages that makes overview and understanding of sound processing and modulation a whole lot easier.


- 8 stereo analog distortion circuits
- 100% analog signal path
- 128 user preset slots
- 1 × Analog stereo multi-mode filter
- 1 × 2-band analog stereo EQ
- 1 × Assignable envelope
- 1 × Assignable LFO
- 2 × ¼" CV/Expression pedal inputs
- 2 × ¼" balanced inputs
- 2 × ¼" balanced outputs
- 1 × ¼" headphones output
- 1 × USB port
- 128 × 64 pixel OLED screen
- Hardware
W215×D184×H63 mm (8.5×7.2×2.5") including knobs and rubber feet
- Ultra-crisp OLED screen (for optimal visibility in dimly lit environments)
- Tough, durable and precise rubber knobs and backlit keys
- Weight approx. 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
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