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You guys are truly fast! Have a great week-end!
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Thank you for the update and for the excellent follow up
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Great, fast thanks!!! Very good service
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All perfect. The guitar is fantastic (first time I purchase without trying... I was a bit worried). Amp working per expectations.

Engl Metalmaster Tube Combo 40W / EN314

  • Engl Metalmaster Tube Combo 40W / EN314
Product #: 188550
Brand: Engl
Series: Engl Metalmaster
Category: Guitar combo tubes amp
Availability:  Engl Metalmaster Tube Combo 40W / EN314 | <b>In stock.</b> In stock.
ShopAvailable in stock
Giebenach BLEngl Metalmaster Tube Combo 40W / EN314 | <b>In stock.</b>  In stock
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CHF 959.00
UVP: CHF 1239.00
For example:

2-kanalig aufgebauter Röhren Head mit 20 Watt Leistung, integrierter Powersoak und schaltbarem Digital Reverb. Ausgestattet mit einem 1x10'' G10N-40 Celestion Lautsprecher.


- 2 Kanäle
- 40 Watt Leistung
- 1x10'' Super 65 Celestion Lautsprecher
- Powersoak für 8 & 16Ohm (20W, 5W, 1W, Off)
- Separater Gain Regler für Clean und Lead Kanal
- Schaltbares Digital Reverb
- Schaltbarer Mitte-Absenkung
- 3 Band Equalizer
- Lead Volumen Regler
- Symmetrischer Line Out (mit Lautsprecher Simulation)
- Schaltbarer Effekt Loop
- 2x ECC83 (Vorstufe)
- 4x EL84 (Endstufe)

- Weight: 10.000kg
- Height: 233mm
- Width: 500mm
- Depth: 255mm
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Shopping was quick and there products are in good condition. I'm very happy
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I love the new piano - the quality of the product and sound is just amazing. I was also very impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of your service - in true Swiss standard! My best wish to the prosperity of your business!
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Thank you for the high quality service.
Zoran J. - 03.07.2017
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