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Graph-Tech PRL 8311 C0 / Ratio Locking Machine Heads (chrome)

  • Graph-Tech PRL 8311 C0 / Ratio Locking Machine Heads (chrome)
CHF 136.00
Ratio Locking Machine Heads PRL-8311-C0 - Electric, 3+3, Contemporary Button, 2-Pin - Chrome


The PRL-8311-B0 is a set of Ratio Locking Tuned Machine Heads for an electric guitar that uses three a side tuners. It has a contemporary shaped button, has a two pin casing and is finished in chrome.


- locking machine heads for electric guitar
- 6 pcs. for 3+3 orientation
- incorporate string gauges in tuning equation
- half turn equals half tone on each string
- faster and more accurate tuning of each string
- thumb wheel screw on the back for locking the string
- contemporary tuning pegs
- closed back
- 2-pin mounting
- mounting hole diameter 9.7 mm
- post diameter 6 mm
- incl. InvisoMatch standard mounting plates for use of existing screw holes
- gear ratios E - 12:1, B - 20:1, G - 35:1, D - 20:1, A - 24:1, E - 39:1
- chrome
- also available in black and gold
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