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JHS Pedals Snark Napoleon 'Clip-On' Chromatic Tuner

  • JHS Pedals Snark Napoleon 'Clip-On' Chromatic Tuner
  • JHS Pedals Snark Napoleon 'Clip-On' Chromatic Tuner
  • JHS Pedals Snark Napoleon 'Clip-On' Chromatic Tuner
  • JHS Pedals Snark Napoleon 'Clip-On' Chromatic Tuner
CHF 16.70
The Napoleon N5 crams a whole world of versatility and functionality into the smallest of packages.


Super compact, the Napoleon features a stay-put clamp with rubber grip, securing it to your instrument's headstock whilst ensuring that the finish stays unblemished. Designed to be visible under any lighting conditions, the Napoleon's display screen is rotatable by 360°, so no matter whether you're practicing in the basement, rocking out under the bright lights, or playing outdoors on the festival's main stage, you can view your tuning in the blink of an eye.

The Napoleon has been designed with ease of use for the working musician in mind; pluck your string and the LED screen immediately displays the note played, whether it is flat or sharp, and to what degree. When a note is in tune, the screen illuminates bright green, giving you instant visual feedback.

A precision tuner at a price any player can afford, each N5 Guitar and Bass tuner comes complete with a detachable pick holder and guitar chord booklet. What's more, every Snark Napoleon includes a CR2032 3 volt battery so you can enjoy spot-on tuning straight out of the box.

The famous Snark accuracy is now available in a clip-on tuner that is small enough to fit in your top pocket, easy to read no matter where you are, and built to withstand years' of use.

The Snark Napoleon - Clip, Tune, Conquer!


- • Small but Mighty!
- • Famous SNARK Accuracy
- • Small Size
- • Stay Put Clamp
- • Display rotates 360 degrees
- • Green Screen ‘In Tune’ Indicator
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