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Zoran J. - 03.07.2017
Gregory C. - 18.04.2018
Thanks again for your excellent custommer service!
Maria P. - 22.07.2016
I have to compliment your customer advisor: I had some issues with the payment, and he was super patient and answered my emails pretty quick. Your e-commerce was super helpful as well as your team.
Marion H. - 11.03.2018
Incredibly fast response time and delivery. Everything arrived well packed. I also liked that I was kept informed through every stage of the process. Thank you!
Andelkovic D. - 15.08.2018
Perfect comunication, even I had a small problem with my delivery, but the guys from MusiX did everything to help. 5 stars from me.

Line6 Helix

  • Line6 Helix
  • Line6 Helix
  • Line6 Helix
  • Line6 Helix
Product #: 183783
Brand: Line6
Series: Line6 Helix
Category: Guitar Multi Effects Pedal
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Real. Smart. Control.

Representing a new way of thinking about guitarists and technology, Helix is like no other guitar processor that you've seen before.
Product Rating4.8 out of 5 | 5 Reviews |   Write a review


Immense care was taken to assemble a palette of tools that would let musicians quickly recreate the sound they hear in their head, without sonic compromise.


When it comes down to authentic sound and feel, Helix represents a giant leap forward for guitar technology. The dual-DSP engine provides massive power to accurately recreate the dynamic feel of tube amplifiers, not just their sonic fingerprint.


The new HX Hybrid cabs represent a new approach to the speaker cabinet capture process. Not only do they provide the resolution of a 2048-point Impulse Response at lower DSP usage, they also provide a far more accurate low-end response than previously possible, as the proximity effect of the microphone is accurately captured at 12 different distances. Helix also lets you load custom impulse responses, allowing you to personalize your rig setup even further.


Each stage of an amp's circuit has been measured and matched back to the original, so that each model reacts and interacts just like the real thing. This level of dynamic circuit detail extends into areas like power supply ripple, individual tube sag, and control over B+ voltages. Once these elements are captured, you get classic bloom and gooey compression on some amps, and a powerful gut punch on others.


Massive power traditionally comes with a steep learning curve, but Helix challenges that way of thinking. Touch-sensitive footswitches allow you to select an effect block or other item for editing simply by touching it. In combination, the large 6.2 inch 800x480-pixel LCD display all but eliminates menu-diving and provides the same level of control you might expect from an external editor. Colored LED rings and customizable scribble strips complete the user interface, letting you know what each footswitch is doing at a glance.


Helix was designed to allow guitarists to interact with technology in ways that are more intuitive, making the creation of tones easier. This means that-for the very first time-you won't have to stop playing to tweak a knob. With Pedal Edit Mode, you can edit any amp or effect parameter you like using your foot: simply select the block that you want to tweak, and its parameters spill out onto the footswitches. Select a parameter, and tweak the value using the expression pedal.


Helix is the fastest tone creator of its kind, giving you the ability to touch a footswitch and quickly tweak parameters or easily assign or learn controllers. Instantly jump to any block simply by touching the associated footswitch. It's so fast you can comfortably assign any item to a switch in 3 seconds.


With FOUR discrete signal paths per preset, Helix allows you to design complex routing scenarios. Creating variations on 4-cable method and wet-dry-wet routing schemes is as easy as selecting a template preset, and using the onboard effects models in conjunction with the 4 freely-assignable effects loops means that the tonal possibilities are truly huge.


As the most advanced guitar processor ever made, Helix can become the nerve center for your entire studio or touring rig . Easily integrate traditional effects pedals and other hardware into your environment, creating a seamless hybrid rig that incorporates the best of what software and hardware have to offer.


Helix has the most flexible audio routing ever seen on a guitar processor. Use the four effects loops to connect four separate pedal chains, or split them up and use them as freely-assignable inputs and outputs. In combination with four discrete signal paths, this means that you can process multiple instruments at once, send wet and dry signals to different places, and create large integrated systems that take advantage of both digital and analog I/O at the same time.


When you need to incorporate external devices via MIDI, Helix offers more flexibility than any multi-effect ever. In addition to powerful real time MIDI control, Helix can send up to six separate commands at patch recall that aren't assigned to a footswitch, which means you can change a patch on a synth, start a sequencer, and turn up a fader on an external digital mixer, all with one press of a footswitch. Add two additional expression pedal inputs, CV/Expression out, and external amp switching, and Helix can be the command center for any size rig.


- 45 Amps
- 30 Cabs
- 16 Mics
70 Effects
- Dual DSP-Powered HX Modeling Engine With up to 4 Discrete Signal Paths, 45 Amps, 30 Cabs, 16 Mics, and 70 Effects
- Imports User and 3rd Party 1024/2048 Cab IRs (Impulse Responses)
- 12 Capacitive-Sensing Footswitches and Customizable Scribble Strips - Touch to Edit, Hold to Assign, Press to Engage
- Hands-Free Pedal Edit Mode Lays out Effect Parameters Across Switches and Expression Pedal
- Ultra-Fast Footswitch and Controller Assignment
- Up to 3 Expression Pedals, CV/Expression out, External Amp Switching, and Deep MIDI Control
- Extensive I/O for Seamless Integration With Your Entire Rig-10 Inputs/12 Outputs (Including Four FX Loops) Plus 8-In/8-Out USB Audio Interface
- AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and Variax VDI
- Industry-Leading 123dB of Dynamic Range on the Guitar Input, for Tremendous Depth and Ultra-Low Noise
Tour-Grade Construction

Reviews (5)

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5 customers
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Excellent produit. Son bluffant!
Pierre B. 18.08.2018
Le son est vraiment bluffant pour de la modélisation. Vraiment! J'ai eu plusieurs pédaliers Line 6 et Boss mais celui-ci enterre tout. Le seul reproche que j'ai a lui faire c'est qu'il n'ai pas le bluetooth comme le fire hawk. C'était vraiment pratique pour effectuer les réglage debout depuis un iPad accroché au pied de micro et passer des backing tracks.
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L?élixir de vos sons
Vincent B. 01.04.2018
Très bon produit contenu de son prix !!
La prise en main est très facile, écran digital clair, fonction et paramétrage par bouton tactile, système tout en un !!
C'est un multi effet, c'est un simulateur d'ampli /Mic/ enceinte et c'est un système midi.
Je l'utilise comme multi effet et comme système midi (pas super fan des simulations en sortie direct sur ampli) , car pour le live, c'est super, si on veux pas se promener avec sa tour et son pedalboard au complet, tout est inclu...par contre il est clair qu'au niveau rendu, y'a pas la dynamique d'une distortion de son ampli à lampe, question de goût, mais même en utilisant les disto fournies et en creusant un peu, on et pas loin...soyons honnête.
Par contre, en mode line in dans votre studio ou votre PC, les sons déchirent pas mal faut l'avouer !!!
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Line 6 Helix
Pascal L. 03.01.2017
Malgré quelques petits bugs, je suis très satisfait de ce produit.

D'usage facile et ludique, on peut rapidement trouver des sons pour tous les styles de musique.

Mon utilisation est exclusivement pour le studio.

Il s'associe parfaitement à mes DAW (Ableton Live 9, Ohmstudio)

De plus, de nombreux tutoriel sont présents sur le net.
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Superbe pédalier simulateur d'amplis
Jean-Philippe J. 20.07.2016
Un design solide, prêt pour la scène.

Des presets très réussis et surtout des modélisations d'ampli très fidèles, bien plus que tout ce qu'a fait line6 avant.

Mais surtout la possibilité presque infinie de créer des patches, exactement comme on le désire. Cela peut prendre du temps pour atteindre le son de son choix, mais c'est possible et on trouve facilement de l'aide.

Il y en aura toujours qui n'aimeront pas la digitalisation, mais à ce prix là, plus de 40 amplis, une centaine de pédales, la possibilité de faire jusqu'à 4 channels et les mises à jour régulières de line6 qui ajoute des amplis, des cabs et d'autres effets, font de l'Helix un très bon investissement.

Un acheteur conquis.

Et un grand coup de chapeau au service consommateurs de Musix, rapide, efficace et très réactif.
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Liebe auf den zweiten Blick
Thomas K. 11.04.2016
Die Helix-Sounds klingen hochwertig. Was mir aber von Anfang an fehlte, ist die direkte Ansprache beim Anschlagen der Seite. Eigentlich fällt dieses Verhalten am meisten bei den Solos auf. Nach langem Ausprobieren, habe ich festgestellt, dass die Boxensimulationen (Cabs) den Sound für meinen Geschmack etwas zu platt und mulmig machen (Manche mehr, manche weniger). Als ich dann die Standard-Cabs durch die importierten IR's (Impulse Response) ersetzt habe, wurden die Sounds sofort wesentlich direkter und kommen dem echten Gitarrenamp deutlich näher. Wichtig dabei ist, hochwertige IR's zu verwenden (die kosten meistens etwas). Ein gutes Beispiel dazu gibt es auf Youtube - einfach nach 'part 4 helix ir comparisation' suchen. Auf den Proberaumaufnahmen kann ich jetzt kaum einen Unterschied zu meinem Mesa Boogie erkennen.

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Iosif S. - 11.07.2018
Thank you for the high quality service.
Antonio B. - 27.12.2016
Delivered in Swiss Alpine Style!!! Love you guys at Thank you everyone!
Saraf B. - 05.07.2018
Great service! Always good response, very professional. Very good price. Thanks
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Many thanks for the great service provided late on Saturday afternoon and for preparing all ordered goods. Saturday evening the kit was up and running, I'm impressed.
Zoran J. - 03.07.2017
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