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Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))

  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
  • Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit))
Product #: 201012
Brand: Mikme
Series: Mikme Microphones
Category: Condenser Microphone
Availability:  Mikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit)) | Soon in backorder Soon in backorder
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Giebenach BLMikme Mikme / Microphone (Gold 16GB (96kHz/24bit)) | Soon in backorder  Soon in backorder
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For example:

Record studio-quality sound through your mobile device. Wireless and USB Mic.

1-inch gold-plated condenser mic. Perfect to use with DAW, conference calls like Skype, webinars, live-streaming with Facebook/YouTube etc.


Mikme is a truly mobile and unique recording solution that allows you to create like a pro.
The Mikme Microphone, the world?s first studio-quality wireless microphone for smartphones including an audio recorder and a USB microphone, plus its free companion app make the recording of music, singing, podcasts, voice overs or videos easy as pie.

Audio recorded with ease and flexibility ? anywhere, anytime.
With the Mikme Microphone audio recordings start with just the push of a button. No clumsy cables or confusing audio interfaces. The Mikme Microphone can be used fully wirelessly with the Mikme iOS App, via USB to a Mac/PC for Skype calls or DAW recordings, and completely standalone as audio recorder. So whenever or wherever inspiration strikes Mikme has you covered. And saves every single recording on its internal flash drive.

A portable, powerful & professional tool ? for highest-quality sounds.
The battery-driven Mikme Microphone features a 1-inch gold-plated true condenser capsule for studio-grade audio recordings. The 16GB internal hard drive is large enough to capture up to 360 hours of audio without missing a beat. Thanks to its small size and weight it fits nearly every pocket.

Brings stunning sound to your smartphone videos ? with the Mikme App
When used mobile with the Mikme App, you?re in full control and choose to record remotely on your Mikme Microphone, to stream the audio to your phone or to even sync it with your iPhone?s video in close to real-time. Once finished, make edits, mix your tracks or share them right away. With Mikme you can create and distribute the best possible content within minutes.

Developed with expertise & made in Germany.
Designed and developed by former AKG engineers, Mikme?s team has brought more than 50 products to market, received more than 40 international design awards and together hold more than 80 patents. The Mikme Microphone was designed in Austria and is made in Germany following the highest standards.



- Versatile, studio-quality recording solution for music, video and speech recordings
- Professional, wireless microphone for smartphones
- Comes with Mikme iOS App for audio remote control and automatic audio/video sync
- Easy to use with the push of one button
- 16GB built-in audio recorder saves up to 360 hours of audio
- (works also standalone without Mikme App)
- USB microphone for Windows and Mac OS to use with Skype or DAW
- 1-inch gold-plated true condenser capsule (48 V phantom-powered)
- 3/8? in and 1/4" thread for microphone stands and camera tripods
- Integrated spider suspension shock mount
- Saves recordings in WAV/m4a format
- Analog to digital conversion: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 96 kHz switchable
- Extended frequency response: 18-22.000 Hz
- Analog 3.5 mm mini jack output for headphones, DSLR microphone inputs
- (volume adjustable)
- Micro-USB connector for file transfer and charging of internal battery
- Designed in Austria, made in Germany


- The Mikme iOS App features the wireless remote control of the Mikme Microphone, audio streaming to the iPhone and automated audio/video sync.
- For video recordings with the iPhone the Mikme App synchronizes the audio from the Mikme Microphone wirelessly with the video from the smartphone camera
- Mikme App features a mixer: set the volume and panorama for each track.
- Edit and trim your tracks or add effects.
- A recording gallery helps to organize recordings.
- Collaborate and share recordings via Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Youtube etc.) or messaging services.
- Export videos or sounds to your Dropbox, iPhone media library and more.

The secret of high-quality mobile content

Nowadays, we constantly create and publish recordings or videos right away from our smartphones. Because we want to share our story in the moment it happens. The remarkably video quality of smartphones has helped a lot to do so. Still, the audio quality of mobile videos is mostly poor. Why is that?

Because when we tell a story we want to picture the whole scene. We want to show the nice view on the top of a mountain and hear a musician playing guitar. We want to hear the interesting conversation in a café and show what happens around.

That means, we need different perspectives of the camera and the microphone. Or in other words we need to separate video and audio. The camera films the view at distance, captures the panoramic view and the whole band in the mountains, while the microphone is placed close to the audio source to record the detailed sound of the voices and instruments - and no disturbing surrounding noise like wind or other people's chatting.

And here is where Mikme comes into play.

Combining Image & Sound wirelessly

Mikme delivers the perfect solution to separate video and audio. It works easy, completely wireless and brings professional sound to your iOS device. Thus, you also don't have to worry about finding the right solution for the headphone and Lightning jack.

You can just open the Mikme App, connect to the Mikme Microphone via Bluetooth, place the mic next to the person you want to record and hit "record" on your iPhone or iPad.

While the Mikme Microphone catches the sound in studio-quality and sends the recordings automatically to your iPhone, the Mikme Recording App will automatically synchronize the audio with the video in realtime.

Now start editing your story, adjust volume or add effects in the App as well. Once you're ready, share or save your new masterpiece. It is as simple as that.

Benefit from flexibilty

Instead of a complicated or clunky setup, all you need is the Mikme Microphone and your phone to create and record songs, interviews and videos with unmatched sound. As it works completely wireless connected to your phone but also completely standalone without an application, it is up to you how to use Mikme to fit your recording setting perfectly.

So make your next content piece stand out and start creating something unique.

Supplied items

- Mikme Microphone Gold 16GB
- Quick Start Guide
- Micro USB cable
- Ferrite


- Standalone

- Audio Features
Capsule - 1 inch, gold plated, true condenser
- Polar pattern - Cardioid
- Audio frequency bandwidth - 18 to 22.000 Hz
- Sensitivity - 18 mV/Pa
- Signal to noise - 78 dB-A
- Maximum Sound Pressure Level - 125 dB
- Adjustable gain - 0 to 30 dB

- Audio Recorder
Internal memory - 16 GB
- Recording capacity - mp4 only, 360 hours
- Recording capacity - wav only, 34 hours
- Bit depth - 24
- Sampling frequencies - 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz
- Processor - 2x 168 MHz Cortex M4

- Wireless
- Bluetooth 2.1
- Mikme Lost & Found Protocol
- Immediate Secure Audio Trnasmission with patented Packet Loss and Sync Detection = Quality of Service Audio Streaming with Mikme App
- Works with 64 Bit Devices with iOS9 and newer (with Mikme App)

- Wired
- Micro USB Connector
- Can be used as external USB Microphone for Mac/PC
- Works with:
A. Mac OS 10.8 and higher with USB 2.0
B. iOS 9 and newer
C. Windows XP and higher with USB 2.0

- Audio Out
- 3.5mm Mini Jack
- No latency monitoring of microphone capsule audio signal
- Used for Monitoring of headphones and Stero audio out to DSLR or mixer

- Mounting
- 3/8 in thread for microphone stands
- 1/4 in thread for DSLR tripods and mic stands

- Rechargeable Li-Po battery - 920 mAh
- Battery powered operation time standalone recordings - up to 3.5 hours

Battery system, ingredients LiPo
Power plug type USB-cable
Type of battery built-in, rechargeable battery
Quantity 1
Capacity (in mAh) 920

Designed in Austria
Made in Germany

- Weight: 0.160kg
- Height: 73mm
- Width: 70mm
- Depth: 35mm

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