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Customer feedbacks
Alexandre B. - 25.10.2016
Thanks again for your dedication and professionalism!
Kelemedi L. - 30.08.2018
A customer for many years now. Love MusiX!
Marko K. - 16.02.2018
Thank you for the good service! I'll be happy to do shopping at Musix the next time again.
Georges E. - 02.10.2018
Thanks again for the great suppost and prompt replies.
Fernando K. - 23.11.2016
Your excellent customer service is the last bit that convinced me to put Musix as my first stop for shopping. - Thank you!
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      Musikalien-Literatur Chor

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      Hal Leonard
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      • Free delivery in Switzerland from CHF 50.-
      • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
      • 3 Year Warranty *in CH*
      • Personal advice
      • 25,000 products in stock
      • Delivery against Invoice
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      Customer feedbacks
      Birk D. - 24.08.2017
      Received the guitar today in Perfect condition. Great Service from you and Musix...beyond my expectation !! Loved the Guitar...just what i was looking for. Just One word to describe it all...Yeee- Hawww !! Thanks a million...will sure order more stuff from Musix in future.
      Manuel P. - 25.05.2016
      Thanks for your reply and help on this matter: The seriousness of your follow-up and fast reply are a great sign of service :-) - Congratulations. Continue this way!
      Antonio F. - 06.04.2013
      I received the piano yesterday as expected and I'm absolutely happy about it. Thank you and your colleagues for sorting it out!
      Philip S. - 19.03.2018
      I am very pleased with the products and customer service from MusiX and will continue to be a happy customer.
      Diego C. - 25.07.2018
      Shipping was almost too fast. The Katana cabinet is excellent with the Katana head!!!
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