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NEO d+ Class B - TRS Phone to TRS Phone (1m)

  • NEO d+ Class B - TRS Phone to TRS Phone (1m)
CHF 34.90
UVP: CHF 49.00


The Japanese manufacturer Oyaide Elec. presents under the brand NEO d + a complete range of high quality cables for the cabling of equipment such as audio interfaces, monitor speakers, mixers, effects units, synthesizers or other equipment in the professional recording, studio and live area. The NEO d + cable range offers musicians, DJs, producers, sound engineers and sound designers with professional standards a very high sound quality. The oxygen-free copper cable guarantees minimal transmission losses and high sound quality for professional demands. In addition, the flat design of the cables prevents interference caused by signal distortion. dplus_classB_5902 The d + class B series consists of nine different cable types, each with up to 5 available lengths, and a modern, sophisticated design that is unparalleled. Audio engineers, producers, musicians and DJs who demand reliable and high-quality cabling can not ignore the new d + class B series. Available lengths are: 1m, 2m and 3m.


- Designed for Musicians, DJs, Producers, Sound Engineers and Sound Designers
- Made to Professional Standards
- Designed to the Highest Japanese Standards
- High Quality Analog Cables for Reliable Audio Transmission and Best Sound Quality Smooth Data Transfers
- Electromagnetic Noise Reduced by Double Shielding (Tinned Wire Surface + Aluminum Tape) and the twisted-pair structure
- Conductors with 18AWG OFC (oxygen-free copper)
- Terminals with 24k gold coated bronze alloy
- The design as a ribbon cable ensures a consistent electrostatic capacity between the conductors, large wire diameters lead to a powerful sound projection and prevent signal loss twice even with longer signal paths
- Shielding and the twisted pair structure in conjunction with the TPE outer sheath reduce electromagnetic noise
- An aluminum outer sheath with a PBT and 30% Fibe structure for frequency stable and high quality recordings and reproductions.
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