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Pearl 14x5 Sensitone Aluminium SD W/SR-150, TB-50

  • Pearl 14x5 Sensitone Aluminium SD W/SR-150, TB-50
CHF 438.00 | UVP: CHF 599.00
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Vital, immediate, and powerful, the Sensitone Aluminum sound is perfect for capturing every nuance of performance. Its timeless beaded Aluminum shell delivers the classic essentials with modern flair for the highly articulate, groove-oriented drummer in demand.

The 14x5 has a dry, focused crack with quick decay.


Size: 14" x 05"
Sensitone series
1.2 mm Beaded Aluminum shell
Superhoop II hoops
SST-5047 tension rods
SR-150 Snare wire strainer
TB-55 Tube Lugs
New clip-lock snare throw off

Series Info

Pearl is proud to reintroduce their line of SensiTone and SensiTone Premium Series Snare Drums, breathing new life into these highly practical drums with redesigned hardware components and shell compositions. The SensiTone Series is outfitted with Pearl's SR-150 snare strainer, featuring a Gladstone-style throwoff with Pearl's Click-Lock technology which "locks" the snare lever and tension adjuster to retain your settings no matter how hard you play. The piston slider provides a dependable and smooth action with firm snare tension control. Pearl's SuperHoop II hoops make for even head-tensioning and lasting durability.

SensiTone shell options include Beaded Steel, Brass, and Seamless Aluminum, while SensiTone Premium offers Phosphor Bronze and 5.4mm Maple shells, all are available in 14"x5" and 14"x6.5" sizes. SensiTone Premium Series drums feature Pearl's modern ARL Tube Lugs with a bridge-style design for increased shell resonance.

A 15"x5" 4-ply Mahogany shell SensiTone snare is also available, finished in warm #325 Satin Mahagony lacquer. Chrome hardware, Remo Coated Ambassador batter heads, SN1420I snare wires, high-quality veneers, and a revamped SensiTone badge give these snare drums a memorable finishing touch.

Pick up one of the exquisite SensiTone Series Snare Drums today!
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