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Roland FP-90 (black)

  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
  • Roland FP-90 (black)
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A premium portable piano that’s ready to play wherever you go
Product Rating5.0 out of 5 | 3 Reviews |   Write a review


  • Roland?s SuperNATURAL Piano modeling technology for a rich and living piano sound

    Press a key on most digital pianos and you?ll hear a recording of a piano note. But a SuperNATURAL Piano works differently, using the latest modeling technology to recreate, rather than replay, the sound. The unique, modeling process spans the entire sound creation process of a typical piano including the combination of notes played, their resonance and the way in which the piano?s many elements interact with each other. The result is a rich, complex sound - complete with overtones - that actually changes in response to the way you play; something impossible to achieve when a piano uses samples. It?s the difference between just listening back to a recording or actually being there yourself.

  • The PHA-50 offers the beautiful look and familiar feel of a wooden keyboard

    The wooden piano keyboards often found on acoustic pianos are attractive to look at and they feel solid and substantial under your fingers. But a completely wooden keyboard is not the best approach for a digital piano, as wooden keys need regular maintenance to keep them in the best condition. The FP-90 features our latest PHA-50 keyboard that blends wood and molded material for the best of both worlds; beautiful wooden sides give each key a familiar, rigid mass that feels just right to play, while the durable inner frame lets you enjoy your Roland piano for years to come without worrying about reliability. You can play it every night too ? as our piano key construction also produces less of a "thump" noise when played.

  • Powerful onboard speakers suitable for primary amplification in smaller venues

    The FP-90 is equipped to sound great no matter where you play it. The discrete onboard bi-amp system delivers rich, powerful sound to the main speakers and sparkling high-end sound to the newly-developed dome tweeters, so your audiences can enjoy wide dynamic range and precise reproduction of each acoustic element. And with the convenient three-band equalizer on the front panel, you can easily adjust the sound to fit the venue. Whether you?re just using the onboard speakers in smaller venues or connecting to an external PA on larger stages, you?ll always have amazing sound with the FP-90.

  • Bluetooth® wireless connectivity enhances the way you perform and practice

    These days, people often play piano along with favorite songs stored on their smartphone. With built-in Bluetooth wireless support, the FP-90 goes a step further by letting you stream music through the piano?s powerful internal speakers, resulting in a far more immersive experience. Installing Roland?s free Piano Partner 2 app on your tablet lets you get even more creative, providing access to rhythm accompaniments from genres including pop, jazz, and blues. They even follow the chords you play, and it all happens wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth technology. *The Bluetooth feature may not be available, depending on the country where the product is purchased.

  • Flexible enough to play wherever you want

    While the FP-90 is packed with the latest technology and time-saving features for the busy musician, the exterior design is simple and refined. Even though it?s a portable piano, the FP-90 looks great at home too, especially when paired with the optional KSC-90 stand and KPD-90 pedal for a fresh, contemporary look. The KSC-90 stand is stable and durable despite its simple, modern design, while the KPD-90 delivers three-pedal configuration and supports Progressive Damper Action, which provides continuous response for traditional playing techniques.

The FP-90 packs Roland’s flagship piano sound engine and keyboard into a sleek, modern cabinet that houses a multi-channel speaker system with enough power for performing in intimate venues. A carefully selected range of additional sounds that include electric pianos, strings, organs, and synths are on hand as well, for a wide variety of musical scenarios. Available in black or white finishes, the flexible FP-90 is ready to go wherever you want to play.

Supplied items

- Owner's Manual
- AC adaptor
- Power cord
- Music rest
- Damper pedal (DP-10; capable of continuous detection)


- Weight: 25.690kg
- Height: 136mm
- Width: 390mm
- Depth: 1340mm

- PHA-50 Progressive Hammer Action keyboard
- SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology
- Mic Input and vocal effects


Manufacturer Warranty (3 years) :


- Sound Generator
- Piano Sound: SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling
- Max. Polyphony: Piano: Limitless (solo playing using "Concert Piano, Ballad Piano, Mellow Piano, and Bright Piano" tones), Other: 384
- Tones:
- Piano: 15 tones
- E.Piano: 16 tones
- Strings: 11 tones
- Organ: 15 tones
- Pad: 15 tones
- Other: 278 tones (including 8 drum sets, 1 SFX set)
- PHA-50 Keyboard: Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel (88 keys)
- Touch Sensitivity: Key Touch: 100 types, fixed touch, Hammer Response
- Keyboard Modes: Whole, Dual, Split (split point adjustable)
- Speaker System
- Speakers: 8 x 12 cm (3-3/16 x 4-3/4 inches) x 2 (with speaker box), Dome Tweeters: 2.5 cm (1 inches) x 2
- Headphones: capable of Headphones 3D Ambience
Master Tuning: 415.3-466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)
- Temperament: 10 types (Equal, Just Major, Just Minor, Pythagorean, Kirnberger I, Kirnberger II, Kirnberger III, Meantone, Werckmeister, Arabic), selectable temperament key
- Effects:
- Ambience
- Equalizer (3-band digital equalizer)
- Only for organ tones:
- Rotary Speaker Effect
- Only for E.Piano tones:
- Modulation Speed
- Piano Designer (Only for "Concert Piano, Ballad Piano, Mellow Piano, and Bright Piano" tones):
- Lid
- Key Off Noise
- Hammer Noise
- Duplex Scale
- Full Scale String Resonance
- Damper Resonance
- Key Off Resonance
- Cabinet Resonance
- Soundboard Type
- Damper Noise
- Single Note Tuning
- Single Note Volume
- Single Note Character
- Rated Power Output: 25 W x 2, 5 W x 2
- Volume Level (SPL): 107 dB (This value was measured according to the method that is based on Roland's technical standard.)
Bluetooth: Audio: Bluetooth Ver. 3.0 (Supports SCMS-T content protection)
- MIDI, Turning music sheet: Bluetooth Ver. 4.0
- Mic:
- Effects: Compressor, Doubling, Echo
- Controls: Mic Gain knob, Mic Volume slider
- Data Playback:
- Playable Software: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0, 1), Audio File (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, MP3, 44.1kHz, 64kbps-320kbps, require USB Flash Memory)
- Internal Songs: Total 10 songs
- Recorder
- Recordable Software: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0, Approx. 70,000 notes memory), Audio File (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, require USB Flash Memory)
Convenient Functions:
- Metronome (adjustable Tempo/Beat/Down beat/Pattern/Volume/Tone)
- Transpose (Keyboard/Song: in semitones)
- Registration (30 registrations, capable of pedal shift)
- Registration Set
- Tone Demo
- Auto Off
- Other:
- Display: Graphic LCD 132 x 32 dots
- Controls:
- Volume slider
- Equalizer sliders (Low/Mid/High)
- Part sliders (Lower/Upper)
- Song Vol. slider
- Speaker switch
- Connectors:
- DC In jack
- Pedal (Damper/R, Sostenuto/C *1, Soft/L *1) jacks: TRS 1/4-inch phone type
- Input jacks: Stereo miniature phone type
- Output (L/Mono, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
- Mic Input jack: 1/4-inch phone type
- MIDI (Out/In) connectors
- USB Computer port: USB B type
- USB Memory port: USB A type
- Phones jack x 2: Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
- 1: Assignable
- Power Supply: AC adaptor
- Power Consumption: 12 W
- Options (sold separately):
- Dedicated stand: KSC-90
- Dedicated pedal board: KPD-90
- Keyboard stand: KS-G8B, KS-18Z, KS-12
- Pedal unit: RPU-3
- Damper pedal: DP series
- Pedal switch: DP-2 (*2)
- Expression pedal: EV-5
- USB Flash Memory
- 2 Cannot use for Damper/R.

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3 customers
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Tolles Instrument auch für Ländlermusik
Wunderbarer Klang uns sehr präzise Tastatur, von einem herkömmlichen Kalvier kaum zu unterscheiden. Macht unglaublich Spass zu spielen.
Overall reviewProduct Rating
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Sehr schöne E-Piano Sounds
Ich habe das FP-90 als Ergänzung zu meinem akkustischen Klavier vorallem wegen der E-Piano Sounds gekauft und bin damit mehr als zufrieden. Die Tastatur spielt sich sehr gut und die Lautsprecher sind besser als erwartet. Ich bin inzwischen ein richtiger Fan und die Sounds inspirieren mich sehr.
Overall reviewProduct Rating
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Sound:  Product Rating
Les sons sont très bons, particulièrement les pianos électriques vintages. Ce qui est étonnant est le toucher, vraiment fantastique. Les fonctionnalités sont très intuitives. L'ajout du Bluetooth un must pour jouer sur des accompagnements à partir d'une source externe. Je referais sans autres cet achat.

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