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Roli Songmaker Kit

  • Roli Songmaker Kit
Product #: 200352
Brand: Roli
Category: Synthesizer
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Create your track anywhere

Play any style of song, anywhere with the Songmaker Kit, an integrated instrument formed of three powerful Blocks. Combine the expressive power of the Seaboard Block, Lightpad M and Loop Block to gain unlimited control of sound.


  • Craft the perfect song

    Unite two state-of-the-art playing surfaces designed for 5D Touch. Create awe-inspiring melodies on the pressure-responsive keyboard surface of Seaboard Block. Launch loops, add drums or control effects on the illuminated Lightpad M. Then record and produce with Loop Block.

  • Seamless Equator integration

    Pair the Songmaker Kit with your bundled Equator software to experience all the expressive controls of the award-winning Seaboard RISE. Turn the Lightpad M into a bank of touch faders, an XY pad, or a 5D Touch controller for Seaboard Block in ?Songmaker Mode.?

  • Make music wherever you go

    It's easy to compose and produce anywhere with your portable and wireless Songmaker Kit. A stylish, protective Snapcase holds your Blocks together, so you play on any surface ? from kitchen tables to park benches to aeroplane seats.

  • A powerful suite of software for any music maker

    The Songmaker Kit comes with a suite of high-powered music production programs. Whether you?re crafting your next masterpiece or just beginning to shape your sound, the perfect tools are right at your fingertips

  • Break down your sound, or build it bigger

    Each Block in the Songmaker Kit snaps together wirelessly through DNA connectors, so you can mix and match to suit your needs. Play the Seaboard Block and Lightpad M as standalone instruments ? or extend the possibilities by adding more Blocks.


- 24 keywave Seaboard Block
- Illuminated Lightpad M playing surface
- Loop Block for production control
- Customizable modular system
- 100s of free sounds
- Software bundle: NOISE, Equator, BLOCKS Dashboard, Ableton Live Lite, Tracktion Waveform
- Protective Snapcase
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