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Sequential Prophet X

  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
  • Sequential Prophet X
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Bi-timbral 8-voice stereo (16 voices) that combines 8Dio samples and synthesis

Analog filters, 2 simultaneous 16-bit, 48kHz sample-based instruments, 2 high-res digital OSCs witih waveshape modulation, collaboration with 8Dio deep-samples.
News 2018-Nov: Version 2.0 OS includes 32-voice performance mode

2018-Dec: Sample Import and Mapping APP from 8Dio now available !

8Dio Releases Prophet T8 Sample Pack for Prophet X


Dave Smith commented: "The Prophet X is a powerful evolution of the Prophet series. Musicians have been asking for samples through real analog flters for a long time. We've given them not only that, but also all of the synthesis capabilites and awesome sound you'd expect from a Prophet."

For sample content, Dave Smith turned to acclaimed sound developers 8Dio, known for pioneering "deep sampling," a detailed approach to sampling that aims to capture all of the nuances and idiosyncracies of a particular sound or instrument. 8Dio co-founder Troels Folmann put it this way: "We're known for going anywhere and everywhere with sounds. We embrace all sounds as music and feel that if you can capture the musical soul of a sound, you can
make it into an instrument. The Prophet X gives musicians a very immediate and responsive way to access this expressiveness."

The 150 GB sample library in the Prophet X includes numerous acoustic and electronic instruments as well as an extensive collection of ambient and cinematic effects. Users can shape the samples through loop manipulation, sample stretching, and the synthesizer's many sound-sculpting functions which include 4 envelope generators, 4 LFOs, a deep modulation matrix, and other tools. The Prophet X also provides 50 gigabytes of internal storage for importing additional samples. Several sample libraries will be available from 8Dio at launch. Support for user-created sample content is planned for December, 2018.

A dual-effects engine provides multiple reverbs, two delays (standard and BBD), a chorus, flanger, phase shifter, rotating speaker, high-pass filter, and distortion. In stacked or split voice mode, you can apply two different effects to each layer. Effects parameters can be modulated through the mod matrix as can the samples themselves. A polyphonic step sequencer allows up to 64 steps and up to 6 notes per step, per layer. The Prophet X features a premium-quality,
five-octave, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and channel aftertouch, an integrated power supply, USB support, and three OLED displays.

Dave Smith summed up the new instrument: "Composers will love the Prophet X for soundtracks and synth geeks will love it for its sound mangling potential. But it's really for everyone because it covers such a wide range of sounds. The new analog filter design we're using is not only fantastic for synth sounds, but also does something special for the samples." Added 8Dio co-founder Tawnia Knox: "The Prophet X has almost infinite posibilites. But more importantly, it has a soul. It's alive. You can touch your sounds in a different way than you ever could."

About 8Dio
Founded in 2011 by Troels Folmann and Tawnia Knox, 8Dio is the leading independent developer of software instruments and the inventors of deep-sampling. Troels is an Academy Award, TEC/Mix Foundation, GANG and D3 award-winning composer and Ph.D scholar in music technologies. Tawnia is the CEO of 8Dio Productions and has had a long career as an executive in luxury brands. 8Dio has created an extensive, deep-sampled catalog of advanced instruments based on literally millions of samples. Notable titles include Majestica - the largest symphony orchestra ever sampled, Epic Taiko Ensembles, Titanic Choirs, Cinematic Scoring Tools, and over 250 other instruments. 8Dio products are used by high-profile artists, composers, and top music producers in all genres. They are featured in a majority of current blockbuster movies, independent films, video games, TV-shows, Broadway productions, and the professional sports industry.

News: 2018 November: Version 2.0 OS

Significant new features including 32-voice performance mode, forward/backward sample looping, new modulation destinations (Hack, Decimate, and instrument playback delay), a new Ring Mod effect, and several other enhancements.

News: 2018 December: The Prophet X now allows users to import their own samples to create custom instrumetns and content. Sample import and mapping is done via an easy-to-use software application created by 8Dio. The application is available for download from 8Dio's website.

“Letting users import their own material was an essential part of the Prophet X design from the beginning,” commented Dave Smith. “It makes what’s already our most sonically versatile instrument truly open-ended. We can’t wait to hear where musicians take it now. Things are going to get pretty wild.”


- Sample Playback
2 multi-sampled stereo instruments per voice with editable sample start, sample end, loop size, and loop center, loop on/off, sample reverse, sample stretch, bit-rate reduction, and sample rate reduction
- 150 GB of factory-installed 16-bit, 48 kHz sampled instruments created by 8Dio. An additional 50 GB of samples can be added by purchasing additional sound libraries. User-sample import is planned for December, 2018.
- Oscillators
2 digital oscillators per voice with selectable sine, sawtooth, pulse, and supersaw waves. You can vary the shape of any of the waveshapes.
- Glide (portamento): separate rates per oscillator; (samples can glide in Sample Stretch mode)
- Hard sync
- Filters
2 x analog 4-pole resonant low-pass filter per voice
- Digital high-pass filter in Effects section
- Envelopes
- 4 loopable, five-stage (ADSR plus delay) envelope generators: Filter, VCA, and two assignable
- Sequencer
- Polyphonic step sequencer with up to 64 steps (6 notes per step), and ties and rests.
Four-stage (ADSR) envelope generator
- Velocity modulation of envelope amount
4 LFO's with key sync, phase offset, and slewing per LFO
- Five wave shapes: triangle, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, square, and random (sample and hold)
- Modulation
16-slot modulation matrix
- 28 sources
- 88 destinations
- 11 additional dedicated sources: mod wheel, pressure, velocity, breath controller, footswitch, LFO 1, LFO 2, LFO 3, LFO 4, Env 3, Env 4
Fully-featured arpeggiator with up, down, up+down, random, assign modes
- Selectable note value: 16th note, 8th note triplet, 8th note, dotted 8th note, quarter note
- One, two, or three octave range
- Re-latching arpeggiation
- Note repeat
2 digital effects on each layer
- Stereo delay, BBD delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, vintage rotating speaker, distortion, high-pass filter, spring reverb, room reverb, hall reverb, super plate reverb
Master clock with tap tempo
- BPM control and display
- MIDI clock sync
Full-sized, semi-weighted, 5-octave keyboard with velocity and channel (mono) aftertouch
- Backlit pitch and mod wheels
- Spring-loaded pitch wheel with selectable range per program (1 to 12 semitones up and down)
- Transpose controls for an 8-octave range
- Hold switch latches held notes on
- Polyphonic glide (portamento)
- Unison (monophonic) mode with configurable voice count
- 512 Factory Programs (4 banks of 128) and 512 fully editable User Programs with 2 layers (2 separate sounds) in each Program
MIDI In, Out, Thru
- Sample import jack for USB Stick
- Main stereo audio output: 2 x 1/4" phone (TS, unbalanced)
- Output B stereo audio output: 2 x 1/4" phone (TS, unbalanced)
- Pedal/CV: responds to expression pedals or control voltages ranging from 0 to 5 VDC (protected against higher or negative voltages.
- Volume: responds to expression pedals or control voltages ranging from 0 to 5 VDC (protected against higher or negative voltages.
- Sustain pedal input: accepts normally on or normally off momentary footswitch.
- Sequencer: accepts normally on or normally off momentary footswitch to trigger sequencer playback.
- Headphone output: 1/4" stereo phone jack.
IEC AC power inlet for internal power supply
- Operates worldwide on voltages between 100 and 240 volts at 50 to 60 Hz
- Power consumption: 25 watts maximum

- Weight: 10.880kg
- Height: 109mm
- Width: 976mm
- Depth: 343mm
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