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Fardin V. - 09.09.2016
I received the shipment today and thank you very much for your fantastic services!
Sergiu P. - 14.02.2019
Very happy with my purchase.
Alex B. - 21.05.2019
The staff is knowledgable, VERY helpful and accommodating. They will go the extra mile to fulfill your request. Prices are within reasonable range. Product range grows with your needs. Deliveries are fast. A business like this can profit by giving the client a sense of dealing with humans, not just a web form. Musix, you're one of a kind - keep it going.
Nicolas G. - 17.04.2018
Many thanks for the great support!
Ryan H. - 31.01.2019
It is a pleasure doing business with you! Perhaps you should consider introducing a customer loyalty program (points for future discounts) . Well done! Rock on ......

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CHF 169.00
For example:

Geschwindigkeit, Leistung und Gefühl.

Bass Drum Pedal mit Doppelkette, Stahlgrundplatte, 4- Fach justierbarem BD Beater, rutschfeste Gummiunterlage.


Das Pedal ist auch als Single pedal nutzbar. Das entsprechende Zubehör für den unkomplizierten Umbau ist dem Lieferumfang enthalten


- Kette: Doppelkette und Kettenantrieb
- Grundplatte: Stahl mit rutschhemmender Gummiunterlage
- Fixierung: Zwei Anker-Dornen, seitlicher Klemmmechanismus
- Schlägel: 4-Weg Schlägel (Filz/Kunststoff)
- Feature: Schlägelwinkel und Federspannung justierbar, Titler um 540° justierbar
- Zubehör: Antriebswelle, Stimmschlüssel, Alien-Schlüssel, Memory-Lock am Schlägel und zusätzliche Federn für die Trennung in zwei Einzelpedale
- Nettogewicht: 5,25 kg

- Weight: 5.250kg
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Customer feedback
Christian L. - 17.12.2018
Very satisfied so far, prices are better than many stores out there and the delivery service is very good.
Stefano O. - 20.06.2017
Thank you for the update and for the excellent follow up
Alan L. - 30.08.2018
Friendly and helpful customer service to select the correct product for the job. Always competitive prices!
Sergiu P. - 14.02.2019
Very happy with my purchase.
Neil G. - 14.02.2018
It's a pleasure doing business with you guys
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