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Steinberg Cubase 10 Artist

  • Steinberg Cubase 10 Artist
  • Steinberg Cubase 10 Artist
  • Steinberg Cubase 10 Artist
  • Steinberg Cubase 10 Artist
  • Steinberg Cubase 10 Artist
  • Steinberg Cubase 10 Artist
CHF 278.00 | UVP: CHF 339.00
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Delivering many impressive new features in a remarkably powerful software package.

It includes many new tools to enhance your creativity and speed your workflow. There is also a new, modern user interface and enhanced audio quality. Cubase 10 makes music production more inspiring, intuitive and flexible than ever before.
Includes free update to the new version 10.5 for product activations from 16.10.2019.


  • Chord Pads

    Chord Pads are a really inspiring tool to help you compose music quickly and creatively. It is very easy to get ‘stuck’ when writing chord progressions but, with the fast and easy-to-use Chord Pads, fresh inspiration will always be close at hand. Jam with chords and patterns in real time and control multiple parameters to change chords as you go. The chord pads are playable via a MIDI keyboard and real-time parameters allow you to easily improvise chord performances by changing voicings, tensions and much more while you are letting the music and inspiration carry you along!

  • Comping

    Few performers are so skilled that they always get it ‘right first time’ in the recording environment, so comping is a vital part of the process, allowing you to create the perfect version of a recording from multiple takes. When recording several takes, Cubase instantly creates a Lane Track for each one. From here, Cubase makes it very simple to create the perfect version. Simply swipe across the best parts and Cubase automatically creates a master take that contains all selected parts. In addition, the Comp tool offers extremely useful click-and-drag features for immediate results.

  • ChannelStrip

    The channel strip modules in Cubase are at the very heart of its exceptional sound. Carefully crafted in close collaboration with seasoned audio engineers, who have many years experience of working with the best hardware mixing consoles, the channel strip modules are integrated into every Cubase channel and deliver the stunning, professional mixer quality that lets you turn your songs into fantastic, radio-ready productions.

  • MixConsole

    Cubase's MixConsole excels not only in terms of usability, look and feel, but also sounds like a high end analog mixing console. Featuring a scalable, dedicated full-screen mode, the MixConsole is optimized for mouse-free operation - virtually all channel elements are accessible via the computer keyboard and screen reader software for the visually impaired. Featuring View Sets and Channel Zones for the utmost flexibility, ‘one click’ direct routing, customizable track icons, track notepad, drag-and-drop support and plug-in / channel search function, the it feels like having a state-of-the-art mixing console in your computer - and sounds like it, too.

  • Sampler Track

    The Sampler Track is a creative tool which will inspire many hours of creativity. You can take any piece of audio and use it to create a Sampler Track. You can then play the sample chromatically, manipulate it with the on-board filters and controls, experimenting for as long as you like to come up with new and innovative ideas. Sampler Track delivers virtually limitless sonic excitement and interest, helping to generate unique sounds with your own, personal signature. To make it even better, it comes with Caleidoscope, a dedicated sample library with hundreds of samples and presets to get you started immediately.

  • Groove Agent SE

    Groove Agent is possibly the most comprehensive drum production software instrument ever produced, featuring a huge library of stunning samples, grooves and patterns as well as a full virtual mixer and FX suite for even more creative options. Groove Agent SE features an exceptionally powerful beat production toolkit, ready to help you create the best beats, whatever electronic, dance or urban genre you’re working in. Produce floor-shaking sounds and dancefloor-filling grooves with an array of incredible sample manipulation tools, FX, slice editors and much more. Thanks to its deep integration within Cubase, you will be able to see the instruments mapped automatically as drum maps into the Drum Editor and Beat Designer.


- - Neuer Channel Strip
- - 32-Bit Integer und 64-Bit Float
- - Einfaches Side-Chaining
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