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Daniel G. - 20.03.2018
The process has been very efficient and I am grateful for the excellent service.
Manuel P. - 25.05.2016
Thanks for your reply and help on this matter: The seriousness of your follow-up and fast reply are a great sign of service :-) - Congratulations. Continue this way!
Marko K. - 16.02.2018
Thank you for the good service! I'll be happy to do shopping at Musix the next time again.
Zoran J. - 03.07.2017
Michael W. - 28.11.2018
Very polite and helpful staff who respond quickly. I don't like being addressed as "Mister" in the emails though, makes me feel like I'm 140, lol.

Xaphoon Maui - C (Naturfarben)

  • Xaphoon Maui - C (Naturfarben)
Product #: 126916
Brand: Xaphoon
Series: Xaphoon Maui
Category: Xaphoons
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CHF 111.00
UVP: CHF 122.05
Bamboo tube in C

Suitable for children 6 years
Product is not eligble for "30-day-return"
Product Rating2.9 out of 5 | 2 Reviews |   Write a review
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The Xaphoon is one for professionals and newcomers easy to learn, chromatic pipe wind instrument. It has a range of about two octaves, (überblässt in the twelfth). The a 'is tuned to 440 Hz. The mouthpiece of a tenor saxophone sheet we delivered stronger situated about 2.5. For each instrument we Instructions supplied with a fingering chart. Naturalgut BAMBOO By the sounds, compared to the plastic Xaphoon different in.


- Weight: 0.250kg
- Height: 310mm

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2 customers
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piush h. 09.07.2016
Ich spiele ohne Probleme Saxofon, Klarinette und, seit kurzem Tinwhistle (Clarke Sweettone, ein sehr empfehlenswertes Instrument von MusiX). Mit dem kürzlich erworbenen Xaphoon komme ich leider überhaupt nicht zu Rande (die Grifflöcher scheinen mir doch ziemlich schräg angeordnet und mit dem Überblasen für die obere Oktave klappt es auch nicht) - ich würde das Xaphoon bestimmt nicht mehr kaufen.
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Ganz Ok
Pascal H. 02.02.2015
Ich würde mir das Gsaphoon nicht mehr kaufen, aber um zwischendurch ein paar Saxophon-ähnliche Klänge zu spielen, ist es ganz ok!
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Jeffrey W. - 31.07.2019
I am hoping this is a real email and not an automated one as I wanted to give you some feedback. Two years ago I ordered something from you (a small amp I think) for my daughter. She is currently studying music in the UK and normally gets anything she needs from the UK, but sometimes when she is home she does want things. This month she returned and broke her guitar string. Not a major thing, but she really needed new strings and fast. She is also very fussy when it comes to what brand she prefers and as soon as she mentioned this to me I thought of Musix. The last time I ordered something I was really impressed with the whole service and you remain in my mind as the place in Switzerland to go when I need something music related (you were not stored in my favourites by the way, I genuinely remembered the web address). I know my order is not massive, but the point I wanted to make was I am a returning customer after almost 2 years as I still remember the excellent service - that is something you can all be very proud of. I know, in general, people often only give feedback when they have a complaint, but in this case I am the complete opposite here and wanted to say thanks. If my daughter ever does become famous, I will even get her to do a free plug as advertising for you. Thanks for the great service.
Ievgen L. - 05.12.2018
Very good online store. Always using it. Thanks for the good service
Frank P. - 02.12.2017
The comunication via email and the attention paid to the client needs was excellent so far in all my purchases at musix. Thank you
Axess K. - 10.12.2018
Excellent!! Fantastic service!
Rene Z. - 18.09.2018
I love that guitar and your service. Looking forward to do more business with Musix. Great company fantastic service.
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