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Yamaha CH755 (long boom)

  • Yamaha CH755 (long boom)
Product #: 136749
Brand: Yamaha
Series: Yamaha 700
Category: Cymbal Booms
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Beck holder with a long boom

This cymbal stand with a long boom is mounted on double tom holders and tom stands, while the CS-extensions can be used to mount the bracket to Beck Beck stands.
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The Beckenschrägstellung (Center Tilter), where informed players have long been known, was revived in the series CS700/CH700, CSAT942/940 and CWH940. By supporting the weight of the basin in the middle of stability is a greater reach. New mechanics for the gallows tendency among preservation of traditional cog mechanism are we now "clipping" method for securing the front of the Galgenarms. With this specification, the main unit of the Galgenarms is resistant to scratches. It provides extra security, even for complex setting operations. It begins with the series CS700/CH700. Little wing nut, sleeve & felt a protective sleeve made of polycarbonate covered just enough from the head bolt to secure the pelvic fixation to ensure optimal. By using a wing nut you can play on the bell without anything in the way. Fixed & Safe The nylon washer, the pipe also in a slightly tightened condition on the spot keeps it, was designed by Yamaha. As the wing bolt is tightened with a steel nut, the durability of the bolt is increased.


Tilter: Center Tilter Boom Tilter Mechanism: Placing Boom Tilter Mechanism Type

- Weight: 1.650kg
- Height: 100mm
- Width: 300mm
- Depth: 610mm

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Yamaha long boom
Dimitri L. 04.04.2015
Yamaha hardware is, in my honest opinion, the best you can find. Of course, if you're playing a Yamaha drum set it makes more sense. But the design and ease-of-use is hard to match. They're also very sturdy.
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