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Yamaha SLG200N (Tobacco Brown Sunburst)

  • Yamaha SLG200N (Tobacco Brown Sunburst)
CHF 635.00 | UVP: CHF 845.00
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Inspired by traditional classical guitar design.

The SLG200N features a slim neck, thin body, and low action that lets players adopt a more aggressive style.
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Authentic plugged-in sound by SRT Powered
Super-compact, collapsible construction
Unique, striking looks
Ultra-quiet performance
Slim body like an electric guitar
Variety of functions which make players enjoy without becoming bored.


- Weight: 3.200kg
- Height: 150mm
- Width: 460mm
- Depth: 1100mm


- Scale Length 650mm (25 9/16")
- Total Length 970mm (38 3/16")
- Body Width 356mm (14")
- Whole Depth 87mm (3 7/16")
- Fingerboard Width (0F, 14F) 50mm - 60mm (1 31/32" - 2 3/8")
- Body Material Mahogany
- Frame Material Rosewood & Maple
- Neck Material Mahogany
- Fingerboard Material Rosewood
- Fingerboard Radius Flat
- Bridge Material Rosewood
- Nut Material Urea
- Saddle Material Urea
- Tuners RM1188NB-7B
- Body Finish Tobacco Brown Sunburst & Translucent Black : Gloss / Natural : Satin
- Neck Finish Satin
- Electronics SRT Powered System
- Controls Power / Vol / AUX.Vol / Bass / Treble / Smooth Control Effects(Reverb1, Reverb2, Chorus) / Chromatic Tuner / SRT Blend
- Connections Line OUT / AUX IN / Phone Input / DC-IN
- Color Tobacco Brown Sunburst
- Accessories Original Carry Bag / Stereo Earphones / 2 * AA Batteries

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3 customers
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Perfect guitar for silent practice
Beautiful sound, good playability and the most important is that it allows to practice anytime, without disturbing people around. It has a direct output for headphones, no need to amplify, which is very comfortable.
Some features to consider as potential improvement for future products:
- There is an input for an external metronome, but it would be even more comfortable to have an internal one;
- As the guitar has no body, it is not fully suitable to play flamenco. It can be practiced, but all the percussive elements made via tapping the body will be missing. There is a panel below the 1st string, reminding a 'golpeador' of a flamenco guitar. Maybe worth to consider to build a sensor into it to have a tapping sound when hit.
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Very good silent guitar
Très bonne guitare silencieuse,
le son est super et offre de bons effects comme R.U ET MIC,
de choisir entre un ou l'autre ou de les mixer ensemble.
Deux reverbe ou un chorus est aussi possible.
le tuner est réglable de 438 Hz à 445 Hz.
la possibilité de jouer de la guitare sèche même la nuit sans embêter vos voisins.
Une chose que l'on ne peut pas faire,étant donné qu'il n'y a pas de caisse de résonance sur cette guitare,c'est de faire des rythmes sur la caisse de résonance,comme pour la Rumba,en dehors de cela,très bonne guitare,le son est super,la qualité et la finition est super aussi,et le manche est agréable et confortable.
Très bon magasin de musique et super service client chez Musix!

Very good silent guitar,
the sound is great and offers good effects like R.U AND MIC,
to choose between one or the other or mix them together.
Two reverb or chorus is also possible.
the tuner is adjustable from 438 Hz to 445 Hz.
the ability to play the guitar dry even at night without annoying your neighbors.
One thing that we can not do, since there is no sound box on this guitar, is to make rhythms on the soundboard, as for the Rumba, apart from this, very good guitar, the sound is great, the quality and finish is great too, and the handle is nice and comfortable.
Very good music store and great customer service at Musix!
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Feines Gerät
Bundreine Konzertgitarre mit eingebautem Konzertsaal. Baulich und klanglich eine Serien-Meisterleistung, auch für nächtliche Übe-Sessions in Mietskasernen, oder bei Sonnenschein am See. Die Werkssaiten sind allerdings etwas gruselig.....

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