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Zoom G1on + Adapter

  • Zoom G1on + Adapter
  • Zoom G1on + Adapter
  • Zoom G1on + Adapter
  • Zoom G1on + Adapter
  • Zoom G1on + Adapter
  • Zoom G1on + Adapter
CHF 55.00 | UVP: CHF 88.00
Amazing effects, amazing features, amazing sound

The G1on offers 75 guitar effects, including a variety of distortion, compression, modulation, delay, reverb and amp models.


Dynamics / Filter
Eleven different ways to shape and control your sound with compressors, noise gates, filters, equalizers and wah effects. Emulate the classic tone of the MXR Dynacomp, dbx 160, Moog Filter or Z. Vex Seek-Wah, or create all-new effects using the automatic Slow Attack, parametric equalizer or six-band graphic EQ. Or choose Zoom's unique Noise Reduction (ZNR) algorithm, designed to remove noise during pauses while still maintaining your guitar's natural tone.

Overdrive / Distortion
Twelve of the best boosters, overdrives, fuzzes and lead guitar sounds you've ever heard, including simulations of the BOSS OD-1, MXR Distortion+, Marshall Guv'nor, Fuzz Face, Big Muff and Pro Co Rat. Our ExtremeDS effect offers the most powerful gain of any distortion effect in the world, and there's also a simulator that allows your electric guitar to sound like an acoustic.

Twenty-two of the most realistic models ever created, including simulations of classic tube and solid-state amps from manufacturers like Fender, Marshall, Vox, Hiwatt, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Bogner, Matchless and Diezel. Our amp sounds are so lifelike, you'll swear on a stack of speaker cabinets you're listening to the real thing.

Modulation / Special effects
Round out your sound with your choice of sixteen phasers and flangers, plus chorus, pitch shift, tremolo and vibrato. Included are emulations of the ADA Flanger, Boss CH-1 Super Chorus and TC Electronic Corona Chorus, as well as the Zoom HPS, an intelligent harmonizer that plays along in key, and a ring modulator that adds bell-like tones to your guitar. And when you're ready to go after some truly off-the-wall sounds, try out the endlessly rhythmic Slicer.

Delay / Reverb
Fourteen delays and natural-sounding reverbs, including rooms, halls, plates, springs, and tape delay simulators, all designed to add depth and spaciousness to your sound, with delay times of up to 4 seconds. You'll even find reverse delays, modulated reverbs and particle reverbs here-everything you need to place your guitar in a realistic space ... or a totally unearthly one.


Number of effects: G1on = 100 (Ver.1.2)
Number of simultaneous effects: 5
Number of patches: 100

Sampling frequency : 44.1kHz

A/D conversion: 24bit, 128times over-sampling
D/A conversion: 24bit, 128times over-sampling

Signal processing: 32bit floating point and 32bit fixed point
Frequency Response: 20Hz?20kHz +1dB -3dB (10k[Ohm]load)
Display: LCD

Standard mono phone jack
Rated input levelNoise floor (residual noise): -20dBm
Input impedance (line): 470k[Ohm]

AUX IN: Mini stereo (1/8") phone jack
Rated input level: -10dBm
Input impedance (line): 1k[Ohm]

Standard stereo (1/4") phone jack
Maximum line output level
+2 dBm (output impedance load of 10 k[Ohm] or more)
Maximum headphones output level: 17 mW + 17 mW (into 32[Ohm] load

S/N (input conversion noise) 119dB
Noise floor (residual noise) -97 dBm

AC adapter (optional): DC 9V center-negative, 500 mA (Zoom AD-16)
Battery: AA size (LR6) battery x 4
Continuous battery operation time: 20 hours when using 4 AA alkaline batteries

USB: Firmware update
External dimensions G1on = 155 (D) x 146 (W) x 43 (H) mm

Weight: G1on = 380g (without batteries)


This product is composed of the following parts:

Zoom AD-00016E (9V DC / 500mA / center -) 9V Negative Center DC Power Adapters
CHF 22.00
CHF 19.20
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Zoom G1on Multi-Effects Pedals
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CHF 48.60
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