Customer feedbacks
Nadiya H. - 30.07.2015
Thanks for the very nice service - we got the piano today. Amazing job!
Yiannis P. - 18.01.2018
All excellent, quick reacting, fair prices, fair with the customers.
Stefano O. - 20.06.2017
Thank you for the update and for the excellent follow up
Marion H. - 11.03.2018
Incredibly fast response time and delivery. Everything arrived well packed. I also liked that I was kept informed through every stage of the process. Thank you!
Angelo d. - 17.01.2018
I love MusiX
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      Hetman Nr. 3 Lubricant Classic Piston
      • Hilft Ventile mit überdurchschnittlichem Spiel abzudichten. 60ml
      • Synthetischer Schutz für Instrumente mit Perinet-Ventilen, welche schon etwas größere Toleranzen aufweisen. Ermöglicht ein geschmeidiges Ventilspiel und verhindert hängenbleiben. Schützt vor Verschleiß und Korrosion, nicht klumpend
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="orange">Soon in backorder</span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 1</span></p></span>
      CHF 13.10
      Hetman Nr. 1 Lubricant Light Piston / Perinet Valves
      • Perinetventile, Schützt vor Verschleiß und Korrosion, Inhalt: 60ml
      • Ein langlebiges, synthetisches Ventilöl, welches besonders für neue Instrumente mit noch sehr dichten Ventilen entwickelt wurde. Ermöglicht ein geschmeidiges, schnelles und gleichmäßiges Ventilspiel.
      <h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="red">Will be ordered for you as quick as possible</span></p>
      CHF 13.10
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      Customer feedbacks
      Mark N. - 19.11.2017
      Great, fast thanks!!! Very good service
      Francesco d. - 21.02.2018
      All perfect. The guitar is fantastic (first time I purchase without trying... I was a bit worried). Amp working per expectations.
      Jean-Noel P. - 27.01.2018 is my one and only provider for all things music. As professional musician and multimedia producer I warmly recommend their perfect services.
      Ali A. - 10.04.2015
      I can't thank you enough for your advices and follow up, and I'm recommending Musix to my friends here, I will also put a nice word in the piano forum I have been checking :)
      Antonio B. - 27.12.2016
      Delivered in Swiss Alpine Style!!! Love you guys at Thank you everyone!
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