Customer feedbacks
Eduardo H. - 02.02.2018
thanks for your attention to my order, your shop is the best, great service.
Clare S. - 23.08.2016
I am very impressed by the prompt service you provided and will certainly use Musix again!
Gareth J. - 08.03.2017
Thank you for the excellent service!
Gareth J. - 15.03.2017
The slickest service one could reasonably hope for. The order was acknowledged immediately and communication about progress of the order was swift and clear. The product was shipped after one day and was with me the next. Not sure how it can be any better than that. Highly recommended.
Andreas M. - 04.01.2016
Thank you. I found your service excellent!
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      equip USB Kabel A-B 3m
      • USB 1.1 + 2.0 tauglich, doppelt geschirmt, beige
      <span><h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="green stock-text">2 pieces <b>in stock</b></span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 2</span></p></span>
      CHF 16.80
      CHF 20.00
      CHF 12.50
      CHF 28.60
      equip USB2.0-Kabel A-B (schwarz, 1m)
      • Doppelt geschirmt, Mit vergoldeten Steckerkontakten
      <h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="orange">Soon in backorder</span></p>
      CHF 24.40
      equip G19 (89652) Equip Kabelführung Serverschrank
      • G19 zu EQ GR KBMAN, Kabelführungsleiste x 2, grau, inkl. Abdeckplatte.
      • Zu 19" Serverschrank
      <h3>Availability</h3><p><span class="red">Will be ordered for you as quick as possible</span></p>
      CHF 27.70
      CHF 23.30
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      Customer feedbacks
      Marion H. - 09.02.2018
      Incredibly fast response time and delivery. Everything arrived well packed. I also liked that I was kept informed through every stage of the process. Thank you!
      Mark S. - 20.02.2018
      We have all of the order received already !! That was fantastic service - thank you so much! The boys (and myself) are very happy with it!
      Jeremy J. - 07.12.2018
      Your customer service was amazing - thank you!!
      Zoran J. - 03.07.2018
      BEST SERVICE EVER :-))))!!!
      Maria P. - 22.09.2015
      I have to compliment your customer advisor: I had some issues with the payment, and he was super patient and answered my emails pretty quick. Your e-commerce was super helpful as well as your team.
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