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spl De-Esser / Modell 9629

  • spl De-Esser / Modell 9629
Product #: 129053
Brand: spl
Category: Vocal De-essers
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The SPL DE-ESSER works thanks to a unique technology is discreet and neutral sound. S frequencies are automatically detected and reduced by phase reversal.
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The De-Esser is a specialized tool for removing unwanted hiss and S-sounds. For this difficult task SPL has developed a new circuit technique that combines efficient signal processing with maximum ease of use. Especially in times of digital signal processing, the early de-essing - right after the mic - great importance. An S-minimized with high peak sound levels on the hard drive on the available headroom. The useful signal is sampled also lower resolution and dynamics. The subsequent search of the S-sounds is time consuming and therefore expensive. It is also important to consider the psychological aspects of the speaker or the technician or singer-can influence, if there are audible hiss on the headset. Frequently also helps filter out with an EQ, since suffering the speech. Both lead only to show that a speaker-in-or singers in their attention to changes in intonation is directed and deflected it.


The De-Esser has a new circuit technology, which einregelt automatically to the relevant frequencies and the bandwidth zusammenfährt extent that only the area of the S-Expose is edited, but adjacent frequencies remain unchanged. This area is then defined exactly phaseninvertiert added to the original signal again, which is S-extinguished acoustic sound. The result combines extreme efficiency with the greatest sound neutrality. The character of each voice is preserved. By the way, you can blur very good hard cymbal sounds, or snares with the De-Esser.


The De-Esser is extremely easy to use: With the S-Reduction knob controls the intensity of the machining. The reduction is shown in the LED chain. Three other control functions facilitate the practical use. With the Male / Female-switch it can adjust the S-sound recognition to the characteristics of female or male voices. The auto-threshold function sets the threshold value (= threshold) or the point of use after automatically if the input amplitude by changing the position of speaker to the microphone varies. Use the Auto-Threshold is the de-essing-intensity constant at the value that you set with the S-Reduction - spokesmen for untrained or under live conditions, a tremendous help. In traditional de-eaters with compressor technology decreases the processing intensity, the greater the distance to the microphone. In general, downstream compressors and limiters react naturally to the S-recurring sounds. The disadvantage of the weaker de-essing - in itself bad enough - thus leads also to undesirable effects in the subsequent processing. Auto-Threshold does not occur until these disadvantages. The Active-switching function to turn each channel on or off. The relay hard-bypass circuit leads, in the event of power failure or shut the inputs directly to outputs.


The De-Esser is equipped with XLR and stereo jacks SSM precision balancing stages.

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