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spl Transient Designer 2 / Modell 9946

  • spl Transient Designer 2 / Modell 9946
CHF 625.00
UVP: CHF 695.00
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2-channel dynamics processor
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The Transient Designer offers a completely new technique for dynamic processing, with minimal effort at the one-and decay (Attack and Sustain) to create a signal. It is, as with the compression of the signal level does not influence, but the dynamic course of a signal. The attainable effects expand the repertoire of sound-shaping and correction immensely: Easily can percussive signals of all kinds, so kick drum, snare, are toms, congas etc., ausschwingseitig shortened or lengthened and einschwingseitig with more "kick" provided or flattened. The same applies to nearly all other signals: The Pickgeräusch an acoustic guitar or reduce strengthen, tone of the strings longer leave the one at the piano pedal "electronically" push it, the slap bass a little more attack zurückpfeifen or give him more, etc. The Transient Designer boasts an extremely efficient and intuitive interface - are only two controls per channel ("Attack" and "Sustain") will be served. The adaptive automatic Zeitkonstantensteuerung automatically optimizes all the settings according to the input signal. Two channels can be connected to the link function.

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