MusiX "Sweetspot Arisdorf"

Situated in the rural township Arisdorf, our MUSIX SWEETSPOT offers an acoustically optimised listening environment which was created with predominantly one purpose in mind: to afford people to listen to some of the greatest mastering monitor speakers, to afford them to experience and evaluate them profoundly.

Sweetspot place

"Low cost" mass production and the enormous competitive pressure nearly eliminated all of the venues where professional "Audio-Workers" and enthusiastic audiophiles used to be able to get to the bottom of it and, in all the necessary calm, could do in-depth comparisons and experience high grade audio gear. But in those cases where it's all about the highest demands towards all aspects of sound converters, be it for mastering studio use or audiophile high end applications, data sheets will not provide sufficient information to judge loudspeakers realistically prior to a purchase. It is exactly this requirement we are trying to meet with our service here at SWEETSPOT in Arisdorf.

The product choices

While our standard product range at is especially geared towards the everyday needs for musicians and music production, we would like to focus ourselves more to the specific demands of high end audio reproduction at MUSIX SWEETSPOT. Exactly for those demands the swiss company "Strauss Elektroakustik" is engineering their products, that's why those play a central part at SWEETSPOT in Arisdorf.

Sweetspot Arisdorf