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Sommer SC-Spirit XXL 3.00m

  • Sommer SC-Spirit XXL 3.00m
Producto #: 129798
Marca: Sommer
Serie: Sommer Spirit XXL SXDN
Categoría: Cables de instrumento entre 3 y 5m
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CHF 54.20
Mono jack - jack silent, NEUTRIK

IC Spirit XL 1x0, 75qmm, 3.00 m
Studiopreis auf Anfrage, Händleranfragen erwünscht!
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Like a lasso ...
the guitarists throw the cables back and forth.
Therefore, this must just be very crush resistant cable and have a sophisticated interior.

Musicians invest a lot of money only once, until they eventually have to find annoyed that you just purchased is low-cost cable just as good for the average short-wave receiver coincide or even the whole sound of the instrument can be expensive purchased. We have refrained from the cheap product and offer a top quality cable at a fair price.
The SC-SPIRIT has a thick insulation between conductor and shield. This improves the capacity values and guarantees a lossless high-frequency reproduction even with longer cables. To avoid cracking and audio, we use a special conductive carbon shield and a copper braid shield. When soldering, care should be taken to ensure that the carbon shield and the inner conductor is replaced by a contact.
Your audience will marvel at the sound of this cable!


- Tremendously powerful and clear sound with bass, guitar and keyboard, with special Litzenverseilung and core diameter of 0.50 mm ² or 0.75 mm ²
- 2-way shielded by a combination of copper shield and conductive carbon shielding
- Low-loss transmission by low capacity
- Very flexible and easy to be wound by the use of fine strands
- Extremely durable and robust with a special and very high quality PVC compound sheath
- Strain relief and good bend protection by thick PVC jacket


- High quality guitar cable for studio and stage
- Unbalanced cable for keyboards, samplers, mixers, etc.
- Connection for stereo VCR, DAT recorder


SPECIFICATIONS: Construction Li2Y (LS) CY1x0, 75mm2 coat, 6.8 mm diameter PVC 19 AWG center conductor 1 x 0.75 mm2 per conductor copper wire 42 mm x 0.15 mm PE conductor insulation shield copper braid 3.18 + Semiconductor coverage, opt. 100% Temperature min. -30 ° C temperature range max. 70 ° C Fire load per m 0.26 kWh weight at 1 m 66 g presentation, Pack 100 m roll black transparent ELECTRICAL: Capacitance core / shield at 1 m 88 pF conductor resistance per 1 km 25 ohm insulation resistance at 1 km> 10 GOhm ORDERING: Order no. Received 300-0071 Sales price 3.28 EUR per m incl VAT
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