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  • Palmer PMBL
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  • Palmer PMBL
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The PMB-L is a box for passive mixing of line sources. It is designed two channels. Each channel has two balanced XLR / f inputs, the input signals are mixed via a resistor network to an XLR / m output jack. The upper entrance is further isolated by transformer. Typical applications might be the two consoles on a power amp or a stereo signal but also from a mono mix. The transformer technology makes it possible to seize the upper input unbalanced, the output signal out balanced.


Specifications INPUT: Input 1: transformer balanced XLR / f. Symmetrically decoupled through resistors. Ohmic Total value: 2 k [ohm]. Maximum level for THD <0.5% @ 35 Hz: +20 dBu. Ground-lift switch. Input 2: Balanced XLR / f. Symmetrically decoupled through resistors. Total ohmic value: 2 k [ohm] OUTPUT: XLR / m balanced. For minimum attenuation, the load impedance should be several Kohms. Typical attenuation: 6 dB, aluminum die cast housing made of a RF-shielding alloy. HOUSING: approx. 110 x 125 x 38 mm WEIGHT: 585 gr
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