Palmer PGA04

  • Palmer PGA04
  • Palmer PGA04
  • Palmer PGA04
  • Palmer PGA04
  • Palmer PGA04
  • Palmer PGA04
Produto #: 129652
Marca: Palmer
Série: Palmer PGA
Categoria: Simulator de Altifalante para Guitarra
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CHF 387.00
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Por exemplo:

Impedance: 8 ohms, max. Power 120 Watts.


PGA-04 ADIG-LB is a successor to our legendary speaker simulator, which has conquered recording studios world wide and is used by such renowned artists as Keith Richards/Rolling Stones, Alex Lifeson/Rush, Warren Cucurullo/Duran Duran as well as Eddie Van Halen and Def Leppard, only to name a few...
The ADIG-LB is connected in place of a speaker cab, facilitating direct-to-mixing-desk recording, thereby eliminating undesirable "noise pollution" through "cranked" amplifiers. An extensive and unique filter section lets you shape the sound beyond the boundaries of common EQ circuits. The ADIG-LB works without any additional mains power.


LOADBOX: ¼"Jack input with parallel "THRU" socket for speaker operation

8 [Ohm], max input load: 120 W RMS
2, 4 and 16Ohms versions also available.
OUTPUT: 2 x ¼" Jack, unbalanced, floating ground, 1 x balanced XLR output
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: Jack: 10 K[Ohm], XLR: 600 [Ohm]
LEVEL: unbalanced 0dBu, balanced -10 dBu at 25 W input
CONTROLS: Volume Filter, LOW, HIGH, LITE/BROWN-switch for tone shaping
Full range volume for unfiltered signal, used in conjunction with
the HI-CUT to emulate the bright sound of, e.g., 10-inch speaker
Both signals attenuable

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