Sabine MT-8000

  • Sabine MT-8000
Produto #: 128812
Marca: Sabine
Série: Sabine MT
Categoria: Sintonizador com metrônomo
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CHF 59.40
Sabine Chromatic Auto Tuner with Metronome Combines to Make Indispensable Tool for Band, Orchestra and all Acoustic Musicians
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This is the music product you've been waiting for. Introducing Sabine's new MetroTune MT8000. The MetroTune combines everything you need from a metronome and a chromatic tuner into one low-priced unit. It's the perfect tool for every musician, especially band and orchestra performers who need the benefits of both products in one small package. Both the tuner and the metronome are simple to use - just select a function and use the up / down keys to find Your perfect setting. Use the sweeping LED display tuner to tune your instrument, then to precisely check your tuning on every note you play, displayed in any key. The sweeping display gives you get a powerful visual cue showing your intonation on every note. Switch to metronome mode and now the display sweeps to the beat-you can set the accented downbeat for any time signature. Tuner and Metronome Sabine Get proven technology at a great price, without compromising features and quality. Visit your Sabine dealer today and get you and one for one for a friend!


Metronome functions - Loud, wood block tone, with volume control - hear the MT8000 over loud instruments - Accented downbeat, 2 to 7 beat phrases - great for practicing difficult parts - Set tempo from 40 to 208 beats per minute - Sweeping LED display makes it easy to stay on the beat, even with the volume off! tuner functions - Automatic and chromatic - perfect for standard and alternate tunings - Transpose to any key - MT8000 displays the right note for your instrument - Built-in microphone - Calibrate from A = 438 to 445 Hz - Sweeping LED display acts like a bar graph - clearly shows how sharp or flat you are in cents. Double green LEDs light when you're into tune!
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