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      Orgão Electrónico Portátil

      Roland VR-730 V-Combo
      • Traditional vintage look with wood side panels
      • Free iPad editor app for customizing organ and synth sounds
      • Seven simultaneous effects with dedicated real-time controls
      <span><h3>Disponiblidade</h3><p><span class="green stock-text"><b>Em stock.</b></span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> Disponível</span></p></span>
      CHF 1759.00
      CHF 1259.00
      Nord C2D Organ mit Zugriegel
      Product Rating (1)
      • Doppelmanualig, 61 Medium gewichtete Waterfall Tasten
      • zwei 9-chörige Zugriegelsätzen pro Manual
      • B3 tone wheel Orgel Simulation
      <span><h3>Disponiblidade</h3><p><span class="green stock-text">Em stock</span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> Disponível</span></p></span>
      CHF 3689.00
      CHF 2739.00
      Hammond SKx (2 x C1 to C6 61-key)
      • DIGITAL EFFECTS - Over Drive / Tremolo / Auto Pan / Wah-Wah / Ring Modulator / Phaser / Flanger / Chorus /Delay / Reverb
      • Octave
      • Pedal Sustain
      <h3>Disponiblidade</h3><p><span class="orange">Na backorder</span></p>
      CHF 3650.00
      CHF 2869.00
      Hammond XK-5
      • 61 playing keys plus 12 Preset Keys
      • Square-front ("waterfall"-style)
      • New mechanical key-bed design
      <h3>Disponiblidade</h3><p><span class="orange">Na backorder</span></p>
      CHF 4690.00
      CHF 4029.00
      Hammond XK-1C
      • The smallest and lightest Genuine Hammond Organ!
      • Provides the full majesty and versatility of the industry standard B-3 in a compact package weighing just 16 pounds.
      <h3>Disponiblidade</h3><p><span class="orange">Na backorder</span></p>
      CHF 1790.00
      CHF 1449.00
      Roland VR-09-B V-Combo
      • Operation via power supply or batteries
      • outstanding presence for performances in loud bands
      • Metronome, looper, USB audio recording / playback
      <h3>Disponiblidade</h3><p><span class="orange">Na backorder</span></p>
      CHF 959.00
      CHF 679.00
      Hammond XLK-5
      • Upgrade your XK-5 to a portable dual-manual organ
      • Extended side panels make for seamless integration with XK-5
      • Components connect via Hammond's convenient H-BUS
      <h3>Disponiblidade</h3><p><span class="orange">Na backorder</span></p>
      Crumar Mojo XT
      • Type: Dual Manual Organ
      • Sound EnginE: GSi VB3-II engine
      • Number of Keys: 2 x 61
      <h3>Disponiblidade</h3><p><span class="red">Será encomendado brevemente para si</span></p>
      Hammond SK1-88
      • Ultralight instruments provide the essential keyboard sounds required to play ANY show in ANY style
      • In addition to the authentic HAMMOND Tonewheel voices, the Sk's Extravoice Division provides Hi-Def Acoustic Grand, Rhodes, Wurli, and FM Pianos. Clavinet, Harpsichord, Accordion, Wind, Brass, Synth and Tuned Percussion voices complete the spec.
      <h3>Disponiblidade</h3><p><span class="orange">Brevemente disponível</span></p>
      CHF 2550.00
      CHF 2149.00
      Hammond SK1-73
      Product Rating (2)
      • The first "Ultra-Portable" organ in its history
      • weighing in at just 15 pounds, and the first Hammond portable to feature a wide range of Extra Voices
      <h3>Disponiblidade</h3><p><span class="orange">Brevemente disponível</span></p>
      CHF 2290.00
      CHF 1859.00
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