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      Rack Mount Guitar Multi Effects Processor

      CHF 2589.00
      CHF 2169.00
      Kemper Profiler Rack (Black)
      Product Rating (1)
      • Capture the soul of all your amps (and so many more) inside a 3U rack unit!
      • "Profiling" is what we have named our proprietary technology that captures the sound and feel of a specific tube amplifier. In other words, the Kemper Profiler doesn't simply give you a list of static digital amplifier reproductions.
      <span><h3>Disponibilitate</h3><p><span class="green stock-text">1 piece <b>in stock</b></span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> 1</span></p></span>
      CHF 1719.00
      Line6 Helix Rack
      Product Rating (2)
      • Real. Smart. Control.
      • Representing a new way of thinking about guitarists and technology, Helix is like no other guitar processor that you've seen before.
      <span><h3>Disponibilitate</h3><p><span class="green">Disponibil numai pentru comenzi online</span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> Toate piesele sunt expuse</span></p></span>
      CHF 1679.05
      CHF 1389.00
      Line6 POD HD Pro X
      • POD HD Pro X gives you more power than ever to define your sound.
      <span><h3>Disponibilitate</h3><p><span class="green stock-text"><b>In stock.</b></span></p><p><span><b>Giebenach BL:</b> Disponibil</span></p></span>
      CHF 899.30
      CHF 765.00
      Thermionic Culture Vulture Super 15
      • Even more distortion effects including 3 SQ ("squash") settings.
      • 5 musically tuned sharp dynamic mid lift settings;
      • Bias control is more useful than ever before for type of sound and mid lift;
      <h3>Disponibilitate</h3><p><span class="red">Will be ordered for you as quick as possible</span></p>
      CHF 2619.00
      CHF 1759.00
      CHF 899.00
      CHF 699.00
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